Horrified woman sees man texting shes too fat for plane to get off the ground

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A plane passenger caught a man "fat-shaming" her with a text message while he sat next to her during a flight.

Landen Ewing was left fuming when she found herself being a "victim of hate crime" and took to TikTok to share her experience to viewers.

She said: "I just remembered something that when I was on a trip to Nashville, I was sitting on a plane with a guy next to me.

"It's just me and him in the row, like we weren't sitting next to anyone, just me and him.

"He has his phone out, like, way up front of him like where I can see it."

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She couldn't help but peep over to check his conversation with his girlfriend.

"She is asking him how's the flight going, a normal conversation," Landen continues. "I look over and he says [to his girlfriend] 'Too small with this fat a** next to me'.

"He was talking about me!"

The TikToker then shared a screenshot she took of the man's phone screen.

"This is what he said and she [the girlfriend] said 'ha, ha, ha, tell her about Keto'," Landen continues.

"You can't read the conversation here but he continued to type out 'I'll be alright but don't think we'll get off the ground'."

She then alleges the man continued to rant about his flight experience, adding that he "hates being on small flights with fat people".

Viewers flooded the comments section to the video voicing their shock at what happened.

"Guaranteed she's insecure and he knows it," one theorised. "Truth is he thought you were hot. Obvious answer."

A second commented: "You're gorgeous. Sounds like he's been in trouble with his girlfriend before, that had nothing to do with you. But I'm sorry you had to read that."

Landen later said she didn't care too much about it and explained she only "shared the text exchange with family members because I found it funny".

But she said it could affect people who were insecure about their body images and it could have "affected them for a week, a year".

"Be kind and be careful of what you say, because I'm the best scenario and it could have been a way different situation," Landen said.

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