How to clean leather trainers

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People use their trainers either for everyday living or when exercising, meaning they constantly attract dirt. Cleaning them is no easy task, and some materials make the job much harder. Anyone who owns leather shoes will understand how high maintenance the fabric is.

How do you clean leather shoes?

Leather is a regular base of stylish and often expensive shoes but is unfortunately tough to clean.

Shoes made with the material need particular care, as they scuff easily, lose their sheen and change shape when wet.

As such, people need to apply a gentle touch when cleaning white leather trainers.

Deep cleaning

Leather shoes don’t mix well with washing machines, so start by filling a bowl or bucket with warm water diluted with washing powder.

One scoop will do, and people should apply the mixture to their shoe with a brush before scrubbing in a circular motion.

Start with the surface rather than the sole, as this could transfer rather than clean the dirt.

Finally, remove any remaining foam with a damp cloth.

For a spot clean

A straightforward superficial clean doesn’t require much, usually just a cloth or towel.

First, people should remove any excess dirt from their shoes by giving them a brush or knocking them together.

Using a damp cloth should clean off any troublesome surface marks.

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Eradicating clingy stains

Stains require elbow grease which doesn’t mix well with leather.

Thankfully, toothpaste provides an alternative path when slathered on a stain.

You will need to work the toothpaste into the surface and wipe off the foam with a damp cloth to remove marks.

How to keep them clean

Once people have finished this cleaning, they will want to keep their shiny clean trainers in good shape.

The most effective way to do so is with some leather protecting spray.

Otherwise, consider giving them regular spot cleans with a microfibre cloth or quick brush.

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