How to keep your house cool during the heatwave including closing windows during the day

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Temperatures have continued to soar across the UK with the heatwave leaving many sweltering in the 32-degree heat.

The Met Office has even issued its first new-style extreme heat amber weather warning which is in place until Thursday 22 July when temperatures are expected to peak.

But let's take a look at the best ways to keep your home cool, including closing windows in the day, to ensure a restful sleep.

Open up the loft

Opening the loft hatch in your home could produce a cooling effect. However this depends on the type of insulation and roof because tiles will retain the heat more than wood shingles for example.

Bed sheet at an open window

Try soaking a bed sheet in cold water and hanging it at an open window. This will create a cooling effect as air passes through the fabric.


Make sure to keep pale-coloured curtains closed throughout the day. However metal blinds and dark-coloured fabric can in fact make the room hotter.

DIY air conditioning

To maximise the fan in your bedroom, try putting a bowl of iced water in front of the appliance to create a cooling mist as the air circulates around the space.

Close windows and seal gaps

The aim is to ensure all gaps in the home are sealed in order to block heat from entering the home. This can be achieved by using towels or draught excluders.

Surprisingly, advice suggests that we should close windows during the day and open them during the evening to allow cooler air to flow through at night.

However if windows are open in the day, ensure that there is a flow of air through the house by keeping doors open.

House plants

Investing in house plants can be a great way to permeate a hot room and the eco-friendly solution also makes your home look great.

Water is drawn up through the roots and some moisture exits through through the pores or stomata in the leaves which produces a "sweat".

And when the "sweat" evaporates, heat is also removed from the air which provides a cooling effect.

The best plants for the job include the snake plant, weeping fig, palms and rubber plant.

Homemade cold water bottle

A hot water bottle can also be turned into a great cooling companion for bed. Try filling the container with cold water and putting it into the freezer 30 minutes before bedtime.

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