I ditched dream man after he made concerning comment – mates told me to run

A singleton thought she'd met her "dream man" – but he made a comment that changed her mind.

Jana Hocking felt an instant spark during the first date, where the conversation was flowing.

She was pleased to find out her match looked like his online profile pictures with his "baby blue eyes" and "cheeky grin".

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And the 38-year-old writer, from Australia, also found herself "mentally undressing" him in her head.

Sadly, the warm fuzzy feeling didn't last for long as Jana's date made a confession that scared her.

She told FEMAIL: "It was at the second bar that he revealed something that instantly gave me the ick.

"Without prior questioning, and completely out of the blue he tells me that he is banned from Whatsapp. How the heck do you get BANNED from WhatsApp?"

Jana's match admitted that he'd been in some group chats that shared "messed up videos", but tried to reassure it was "nothing illegal" and "boys will be boys".

Alarm bells were already ringing though.

Jana started noticing other concerns, such as the bloke's estrangement from his family and lack of social media pages.

She recalled: "I then asked if he's ever been arrested? He said no. I asked if he's on socials. He said no. I asked if he's close with his family (who live overseas). He said no."

Jana, who has "been single for a while now", debated whether she could see past her fear.

But despite having a good time, she decided to call time on the relationship after speaking to her loved ones.

She added: "My guy friends all said it was a major red flag…

"So, I decided to decline a second date and metaphorically swiped left. Sure, he could very well be the man of my dreams and I'm being ridiculous, but sometimes you just gotta go with your gut."

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