I feel guilty for binning my late dad's photographs and belongings

DEAR DEIDRE: WE have cleared out my father’s house and found lots of photographs and letters from people we don’t even know, yet shredding them seems so disrespectful.

Dad was 99 when he died and he had been living independently in his rented home.

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He didn’t leave much but lived a full life and was involved in all sorts of committees and gardening clubs.

Throwing all of this stuff away seems as if we are erasing his life.

I’m his 75-year-old daughter and I have two younger siblings.

They don’t want extra paperwork and the same goes for the photographs. But what can we do with it all?

DEIDRE SAYS: Organise for you all to get together, work through the paperwork and photographs and then keep anything you feel may be special.

If the photographs are of historical significance, perhaps a local museum or library may be interested in their provenance. Enjoy your time reminiscing about your dad and arrange for an album to be made for each of you so that you will have a keepsake to remember your father.

I am sure he would not expect you to keep everything – so please don’t feel guilty.

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