I found out my husband has been living a double life with my best friend

A heartbroken woman recently shared that she “can’t sleep at night” after making the devastating discovery that her husband is having an affair with their married best friend.

The 42-year-old husband had been engaged in a secret relationship with their 32-year-old godmother to their four children.

The revelation unfolded dramatically when the betrayed wife stumbled upon the pair kissing at the end of their driveway, lit up by the light in the friend’s car.

The betrayed wife took to Reddit to share the story. She wrote: “In shock I didn’t know whether to throw her pyrex at the car or just walk away. I decided the latter, and was too shocked to cry or be angry. When my husband got back, I had to pretend like everything was normal.”

That night, the wife resorted to going through her husband’s phone, where she uncovered a trail of messages dating back two to three years. The friend had cunningly disguised her identity under a fake name.

The betrayed wife expressed her grief on Reddit: “I’m sick with rage and betrayal. I’m lost and have no idea what steps to take next.”

Catching the two of them red-handed made her think back to other occasions when her husband was acting suspiciously.

She wrote: “Thinking back on it, the two of them disappeared at her wedding. When I asked him where he was, he said he needed to reassure her that she had done the right thing. I feel so so sick thinking of these things.”

The friend’s husband, currently posted overseas as a diplomat, remains oblivious to the affair, complicating the situation even further.

The Reddit post garnered massive amounts of support, prompting the wife to share additional details and express gratitude. She wrote: “Woah didn’t expect this much support. It’s really overwhelming.”

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In an update, she shared how she still hasn’t mentioned anything to her husband or her best friend, but she’s struggling to see a way around it.

She wrote: “A part of me just wants to confront my husband, see what lame excuse he has. But I need to get away from him. This level of betrayal physically hurts.”

The comments under the post, of which there are nearly 5,000, are flooded with messages of support for the wife.

One person gave her some advice: “Be cold and calculated. Consult with several lawyers on divorce and prepare a strategic exit plan. Tell the cheating bf’s husband your stealth divorce and suggest he do the same. Document all the evidence. Good luck.”

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