I had surgery to reduce my 28H boobs – but people say Im unattractive now

A woman who struggled with her 28H bust recently had breast reduction surgery — but she was hit with waves of nasty comments attacking her "new boobs".

Janel Nelson, from Canada, said her saggy and deflated breasts gave her back pain and rashes on her torso, as well as migraines and bad posture.

She told the Daily Star: "They [My breasts] were saggy, stretched and deflated and they did not look like they belonged on a young adult’s body.

"I had gained and lost quite a bit of weight. In addition to that I was on and off several different types of birth control."

In January, the 20-year-old went under the knife to reduce her breast size to a 28C.

And since then, she's been sharing before and after videos of her new body on TikTok.

One viral video, which has been viewed 30 million times, shows her trying on outfits before and after the op.

Janel glows with confidence when she flaunts her now-smaller chest.

She told us: "I always loved my body before but I love it even more now.

"I feel like a whole new person. I lost my back pain, migraines and rashes and gained a whole lot of confidence."

Janel was praised by many women for making the life-changing decision.

But at the same time, she also received a lot of hateful comments.

"It wasn’t a surprise to me to see that the majority of the hate comments were made by males," she continued.

"Some of the ones that have shocked me the most are: 'You just slapped God across the face.' 'It WAS your only redeemable quality.' 'Cue her husband leaving her in 3…2…1'.

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"I know the difference I feel in myself and am overjoyed by my results and that is all that matters to me."

Janel also said her husband, Chandler, was "absolutely overjoyed" for her.

He's chuffed that his wife has gained confidence and loves herself again.

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