Im a 5/10 in the looks department but my fiancée is a 12 – shes beautiful

Everyone has a type – some are attracted to curves, while others are turned on by big bulky muscles.

But, one woman has the hots for a popular character from BBC soap EastEnders. Anna Simpson, 31, from Nottinghamshire, has loved the classic show since she was a child and previously revealed she had the hots for the bolshy Shirley Carter.

And five years ago, Anna met her very own Shirley in the form of now-fiancée Kerry Simpson, 38. The couple – who share the same surname but are not married – have four kids between them and usually go viral on TikTok with their skits.

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In a recent clip, Anna commented on how she rates her own looks out of 10. She then ranked her fiancée who is said to be the clone of the fictional former pub landlady.

Long-haired Anna explained: "I know I might be a five-out-of-ten but look what I found."

Anna then pulled Kerry into frame and said: "A 12 out of 10, she is beautiful and amazing." The pair who have matching rainbow coloured haired embraced each other before Anna lovingly planted a kiss on Kerry's forehead.

Although some trolls bashed Kerry's rating, many fans fled to the comments to compliment the popular content creators.

"Despite all the hate they look like genuine people and they're happy all the time," one fan commented. Another user added: "You guys are so perfect together."

While a third gushed: "You're both beautiful." Someone else said: "I totally agree! Although, I do believe you both are 12 out of 10s!!! You’re both so gorg!!"

Meanwhile, a fifth fan urged: "Girl! You put your queen on show!! And both are 12/10!!!"

Anna previously told us: "We love Shirley. She’s feisty and doesn’t care what people think…but I don't fancy her. It was more of a sketch because so many people call Kerry 'Shirley Carter' as well as 'the long one'.

"The thing that attracted me to Kerry is that I thought she was beautiful and her tattoos, but even as a Shirley Carter she still looks fit."

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