I’m dating the perfect man after my husband died but I’m nervous about having sex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER nearly eight years of being a widow I have finally found love again.

He’s such a dear man but I’m nervous about having sex. My marriage was happy and faithful and I’ve only ever had sex with my husband.

I’m 67 and I know that beneath all my clothes I just don’t look the same as I did.

This man is 68. He seems very kind and we cuddle and kiss and it all feels so right.

I’d like to go further but feel a bit shy. Do I simply say, “Let’s go upstairs”? Or “Why not stay over tonight?”

I so want this to work as I don’t want to be on my own once again.

DEIDRE SAYS: One step at a time. You do not want to be on your own but you do need someone you love and can trust.

When you are ready you will take that next step. Do not worry that you don’t look as young as you did. Neither does he.

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