Influencer shares two snaps taken seconds apart to embrace normal bloating

A blogger who is known for her body positivity has been praised on Instagram for her latest upload.

The influencer, who goes by the name Loz Fitness, boasts 45,000 followers on the social media platform.

Often she shares her workout tips and nutrition, while other times she's promoting self-love to her legion of fans.

Now in her latest upload, Loz has been hailed for posting two snaps taken seconds apart to prove an important point.

Posting three days ago, the influencer wrote: "I had a really bad body image day yesterday.

"I was extremely bloated and uncomfortable. I put on some light colour leggings at first that were quite tight."

She added: "I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. The leggings cutting in at my waist, I felt trapped and confined.

"But, even If I posed, I still didn't feel my best, this really got me down. Then I realised. I've just got to embrace this."

In the upload, Loz shared two photos, one where she's hiding her stomach, while the other one shows off her bloat.

The influencer continued: "Both these pictures are MY body. Yes, I feel more confined in the left side but why is that?

"It's just become so clear to me recently that my body is never going to change."

She revealed: "Bloating for me is just a daily occurrence and I've finally accepted that.

"So many of us get so insecure when we are bloated. But please, just do this: Put on an outfit that makes you feel comfortable.

"You've just got to accept the bloat and dress for it. For me, I changed my leggings to a darker, looser pair and just felt free.

"A few months back I wouldn't of gone to the gym on this day, as I thought that I looked far too bloated and didn't feel like myself.

"But now? You betcha I went to that gym and I killed that push session."

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Since she embraced her body, the post racked up over 2,700 likes in the space of three days.

One Instagram fan gushed: "Love love this mindset. Thank you for being so body positive."

Another added: "Love this post queen," while a third commented: "Gorgeous girly so real."

A fourth said: "I appreciate this. I also suffer with bloating from intolerances and food and water in general! This helped me."

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