Inside Antilia: The Worlds Most Expensive Private Residence

Built with perfection and precision, Antilia is an eye-catching tower amidst the turbulent weather of Mumbai. With people from all over the world coming to catch a glimpse of it, the home is as majestic as it sounds. Here’s a peek inside Antilia, the world’s most expensive private residence.

An Astounding Asymmetric Beauty

Located in the heart of Mumbai, India, and the most expensive street in the country, Antilia is hard to miss. As mentioned by India Today, the name Antilia originates from the phantom island that was discovered to lie in the Atlantic Ocean during the age of exploration in the 15th Century. The name has only been used twice to name the Antilia Islands and the home of the Ambanis.

The home was built within two years by architecture firm Perkins + Will, which is headquartered in Chicago, USA, while the construction was under Australian company Leighton Holdings. The unusual structure is built to fit 60 floors in the building; however, the home is 27-story tall due to the high ceilings. Antilia offers a gorgeous view of the Arabian Sea and the Mumbai city skyline.

The design of the house was inspired by the lotus and sun and has been constructed with the ability to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of number 8 on the Richter scale, as stated by The Hindustan Times. With a house this size, the family has a full-time staff of 600 people that is on-call any time of the day. The home is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and strong build.

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An Enchanting Fortress

As the interior design lies along with the concept of the lotus and the sun, the residential area of Antilia is on the top six floors of the building where the family lives. The home also boasts space for three helipads; however, the naval command has not granted permission for the family to land the helicopter since they reside amongst residential localities.

According to Architectural Digest India, the home has a large temple, a salon, an ice-cream parlor, a long list of guest suites for visitors, and a private movie theatre for screenings that can host 50 people time. Ambani has dedicated the first six floors of his house for cars, where he parks his exclusive and customized Maybachs and Bentleys. The six floors are equipped to park 168 cars at the same time. The building also has a car service station on the seventh floor.

Being a house with a complicated structure, Antilia features nine high-speed elevators that can take visitors to specific floors, according to their preference. Additionally, the house has a spa, swimming pool, health center, and a large ballroom.

Combining Culture And Modern Architecture

Antilla follows the theme of pastel colors throughout the house. Every corner of the house has opulent features, from crystal-embellished chandeliers to ultra-luxurious centerpieces. The home has Indian cultural motifs designed into the building in beige, brown, and cream shades, as noted by GQ India.

To beat the humid heat of Mumbai, Antilia comes with a unique Snow Room that produces artificial ice. The room can change the atmosphere to that of a mountain range. The room has mountainous designs and is completely sealed to keep the temperature below zero. The family can experience a cold sauna in the house.

People get an inside look at the Ambani house when the family hosts lavish parties for their guests. In 2019, Mukesh and Nita Ambani hosted their children’s weddings at their residence, which gave a glimpse into their abode. The home was decorated to the nines, and the family spent over $100 million for the weddings by inviting renowned guests and Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé, Chris Martin, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The luminous home Antilia is a pinnacle of architectural beauty that combines beautiful decor with top-of-the-line safety features. While there are a lot of billionaire industrialists in the world, not a lot of them make the bold decisions to live in homes as worthy as palaces. A home like Antilia is bound to stay on the top among the most expensive and beautiful private residences for years to come.

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