Inside Taylor Swifts $17.75 Million Historic Rhode Island Mansion

Taylor Swift reportedly bought the 11,000 Square foot Rhode Island Mansion back in 2013 for a whopping price of $17.75 Million, which was paid for in cash. TMZ first reported that she paid in cash, and according to the grapevine, the asking price for the property is said to be $20 Million but Taylor Swift got it for a huge discount. Ever since owning the mansion, Swift has hosted numerous star studded parties in the property especially her famous friends known as her squad. It has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathroom, 8 fireplaces, stunning waterfront view and a massive pool in the back which is said to be the place where she hosted Fourth of July party with her friends this year.

This mansion built in 1930, is located on the highest point in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The property highlights a 700 ft. shoreline with views of the Little Narragansett Bay. It is reported to be the most expensive mansion in Rhode Island. The place has a driveway that meets the street and a gate that has plenty of security guards roaming around. For a while, there was a sign that said, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING.” when she first occupied the property in 2013.

The property sits on 5.23 acres of waterfront land and features a dining room with 8 seats and a sophisticated kitchen with a Sub-Zero fridge. The stunning views of Watch Hill Lighthouse, Fishers Island Sound, and Little Narragansett Bay can be seen from the property but has even more spectacular views from the outdoor terrace. It is said to be the highest point of direct waterfront land on the whole eastern seaboard. It is the perfect party venue for her A list friends because the property has 700 ft. of shoreline with white sand.

A Safe & Sound Place

Taylor Swift has hosted numerous parties and invited a lot of guests in her mansion. This is where the famous and wild 4th of July party took place that a lot A list celebrities were seen in attendance. The party made headlines because of the huge patriotic inflatable slide which was seen in her backyard. Some of the famous celebrities seen at the party are models Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, OITNB star Ruby Rose, actress Kennedy Rayé, singer Rachel Platten, and many more. The pictures show that the girls are having a lot of fun, and Swift is seen to be taking her friends on a property tour on her mansion. The party was reportedly concluded on the lawn of the mansion with fireworks display, and the finale highlighted the picture of Swift and her squad.

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Fearless American Girls

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The mansion used to be called Holiday House by the previous owners who Swift featured on the song called The Last Great American Dynasty which was included in the album, Folklore, released last July 2020. The song tells the story of the previous owners of the Rhode Island mansion, Rebekah West Harkness who is also known as Betty. They owned the property from 1950s until Betty’s death in 1982. Just like Swift, Betty also used the house for glamorous parties that once hosted famous Salvador Dali. In the song, Swift has compared herself to Mrs. Harkness since she was highly criticized as well and receives backlash on every move she makes. Swift resonates with Betty as the loudest woman the town has ever seen comparing her celebrity life and Betty’s controversies.

Bad Blood On The Island

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The state of Rhode Island and Taylor Swift has not so smooth history ever since she bought the property in 2013. The first trouble happened as soon as it was reported that she bought the property, the locals of the Island complained that there was too much traffic created by the flock of Swift fans who wanted to take a glimpse of her house. This was followed by yet another complaint from her new neighbors because Swift’s security kicked out some locals and prohibited them from setting up tents on her private beach.

Another issue is the luxury tax for expensive second homes, which was proposed by Governor Gina Raimondo in 2015. The governor said that the goal of this taxation is to raise $12 million and implementing the statewide property tax on properties worth more than $1 million. Raimondo defended the proposal since this movement will create more jobs for the locals. Taylor Swift is also trying to eliminate a $190 Million deficit in the state budget. She later on withdrew her proposal after facing backlash from the locals.

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