Investment banker quits job to become a clairvoyant and triples her income

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A woman who was once a high-flying investment banker decided to leave it all behind to become a clairvoyant.

Danya Gamliel, 33, from Melbourne, Australia, was a banker for 14 years, managing the portfolios of ultra-high net worth clients.

While she says she loved the work, she was frustrated by the fact that it blocked her unique gift.

“I looked after the banking and investment needs of some of the country’s wealthiest individuals and families, my clients were often noted on BRW top 100 and they were eccentric and colourful,” she told the Daily Star.

“My gift was somewhat blocked or numbed in this job but I did have a powerful ability to connect with some of the more ‘complex’ personalities.

“I was able to read them deeply and understand their, at-times, abrupt responses by reading their trauma and current life challenges, which other people couldn’t see. I was a great relationship manager because of my gift.”

The 33-year-old told us that she’s a fifth-generation clairvoyant from her mother’s side, who’s of Ukrainian descent.

She added: “My grandmother nurtured the gift in me and handed me a deck of playing cards when I was five years old.

“From then she encouraged that I trust the symbolism in my dreams and look out for various signs and messages.”

Now since leaving her job and pursuing her talent, Danya’s gift has become stronger and stronger.

She’s had a variety of clients over the years which has resulted in a bevy of interesting stories to tell.

One of the most memorable moments of her career was when a customer asked about her relationship status as she and her partner were on the rocks.

“I said that I saw him having a low impact accident whilst travelling in Thailand and this would bring their relationship closer together. This happened two months after I predicted it,” she said.

“I also had a client I never met ask if I could help her locate a lost necklace which belonged to her late mother.

“I was able to guide her to her ex-husband’s car, who was also unknown to me, and explain the box it was kept in and I described the vehicle correctly, it was a white Ute! She found the necklace.”

Danya was also the only ‘big name’ psychic that a known mummy blogger reached out to who predicted the gender of her baby correctly and the exact due date.

When she was still working as an investment banker Danya offered her clairvoyant services on a face to face basis on weekends.

It wasn’t until the pandemic that she started offering her services on Zoom, with her 'shop front' being her Instagram.

“I started to see the demand increasing to a point that I felt it was time to quit my day job,” she said.

“I was so nervous to take the leap and a huge push was an entrepreneur subscription that I joined, called Aussie Biz Chic.

“The community from Aussie Biz Chic encouraged me to take a leap and guided me along the way – I have since tripled my income!”

While Danya is proud of her ability, she still struggles to say that she is a full-time psychic to new people she meets, especially since her previous job was so widely respected.

She has noticed that when she tells people about her finance background and tertiary education, her psychic work is somewhat legitimised to the sceptic.

Danya added: “I grew up in a strong Eastern European household and energy work and superstition was normalised. Western culture doesn’t accept this work so freely.

“I like to think of myself as the pragmatic psychic, I have a degree, I had a fairly senior role with a major bank, I’m a mum, a wife, I own property and an investment portfolio – that’s why the clients relate to me.

“A psychic doesn’t have to be the lady with the dark makeup, hunched over a crystal ball in the back of a theme park. In fact, we all have an intuitive ability, I’ve just been nurtured to listen deeper into mine.”

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