Kate’s touching tribute to Princess Diana during Donald Trump’s state banquet

Kate Middleton paid homage to Princess Diana by wearing her iconic diamond and pearl tiara to Donald Trump's state banquet in Buckingham Palace.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 37, looked every bit the future Queen consort in the Lover's Knot tiara, extravagant white dress and sash.

She walked to the banquet alongside US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin through the east gallery of the iconic building.

The tiara Kate wore was originally owned by Princess Diana and she last sported it at a banquet held for the Dutch royal family in October.

It was created for Queen Mary in 1914 and worn several times by Queen Elizabeth II, before being handed to Diana when she married Prince Charles, according to Town and Country magazine.

The publication claims it was one of Diana's favourite pieces of jewellery and she wore it regulalrly.

She was reportedly forced to hand it back to the Queen after her divorce – and it was not seen again in public until Kate wore it in 2015.

Kate also donned a dress made by Alexander McQueen and drop earrings to the banquet.

Donald and Melania Trump also arrived dressed to impress, with the President wearing a tuxedo and the First Lady in a white Dior gown and gloves.

They were treated to an elaborate feast alongside 170 guests, including an array of senior royals.

The guests enjoyed a no-flourishes-spared feast of lamb and strawberry sable after a day marking the US commander-in-chief's first official state visit to Britain.

Ahead of the banquet, Trump spoke of the bonds between the close allies, saying the ties between the nations were "forever sealed in that great crusade" against the Nazis.

The Queen told the diners that the two nations remain "bound by the strength and breadth of our economic ties, as the largest investors in each other’s economies."

"Mr President, as we look to the future, I am confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us. Tonight we celebrate an alliance that has helped to ensure the safety and prosperity of both our peoples for decades, and which I believe will endure for many years to come.

President Trump, who had earlier been gifted a first-edition copy of Winston Churchill's The Second World War by the Queen, delivered a speech referencing the wartime bond forged by the allies.

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