LiveXLive to Launch ‘The Snubbys,’ Comic Show for ‘Those Who Are Deserving But Not Receiving,’ Hosted by Jeff Ross

Livestream and on-demand platform LiveXLive has announced the launch of a new original franchise show called “The Snubbys,” which is intended to honor “those who are deserving but not receiving.” The event, is slated to air on Sunday night (January 31) at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT — the originally scheduled time for the Grammy Awards — will highlight recording artists who had an extraordinary 2020, like The Weeknd, Machine Gun Kelly, Bad Bunny, Selena Gomez and Luke Combs.

According to the announcement, “These artists represent a few great talents who didn’t get the recognition they deserved in certain upcoming music awards events. The show will celebrate some awesome artists who through the year deserved meaningful recognition for their popular and critical successes in the music business but for reasons we don’t understand were snubbed! Created to right the numerous pop culture wrongs, ‘The Snubbys’ will be a humorous show with a tongue in cheek approach,” comprising skits, comedy and more.

The inaugural Snubbys will be hosted by comedian Jeff Ross. 

“Anyone who has spent time in the entertainment industry knows what it is like to be snubbed,” stated LiveXLive’s President, Dermot McCormack. “So we thought, given that we are in the midst of Awards Season, we wanted to take a cheeky look at the music category and celebrate the artists and moments that were snubbed. Someone had to do it.”

LiveXLive’s Chief Content Officer, Garrett English, added, “Award show season just wouldn’t be award show season without the snub. From the minorly aggrieved to the egregiously neglected, fans won’t sit idly by, they decry the injustice – and LiveXLive is here to help. The Snubbys is a humorous look at those whose moments should have been a celebration of the groundswell against inequity and the artists who deserve better.” 

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