Man reveals how he lost 55 kilograms in just eight months

IT consultant, 28, who transformed his body after shedding an incredible 55kg in just eight months shares his weight loss secrets – and the EXACT daily diet behind his success

  •  Aaron Hickey weighed over 130kg when he decided to make a change 
  •  He went from consuming 2000 calories in a sitting to just 1500 calories a day
  •  He also stopped drinking Coke, smoking and consuming caffeine 

Aaron Hickey was 24 when he tipped the scales at over 130kg

An Australian man has revealed how he lost 55kg in just eight months after becoming ‘sick of the sight’ of his own reflection.

Aaron Hickey, 28, had been ‘a big boy’ for as long as he could remember but four years ago when he tipped the scales at just over 130kg he knew he needed to change his lifestyle.

The Melbourne-based IT consultant told Daily Mail Australia he had big dreams for his life which didn’t match the body he was in.

‘I wanted to travel, but I knew at that size I wouldn’t be able to do things I wanted to do, I wanted to be able to party all night and adventure all day,’ he said.

‘I couldn’t even get through a game of tennis with my mates.’

Aaron started his weight loss journey when he was living at home with his parents. He would drink a litre of Coke each day, and reach for junk food when he was hungry or bored. 

Every Thursday night when his family ordered takeaway, Aaron would order the biggest meal on the menu and easily demolish 2000 calories in a single sitting.

He had started smoking, would never drink water and didn’t exercise.

But one day as he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he decided to change. 

Now the IT consultant, 28, cuts a trim figure and is working on building muscle

Aaron dropped 55kg after he was sick of being held back by his weight and tired of looking in the mirror

‘I just gave it all up cold turkey, I stopped smoking, didn’t drink Coke and stopped having caffeine,’ he said.

He followed a Lite n’ Easy meal plan, eating 1500 calories per day, and drank water instead of Coke.

When his family tucked into their hamburgers and chips on takeaway night, Aaron heated up a frozen meal.

‘That first day was really hard but I knew I had to do it,’ he said.

‘As soon as I started to diet it made sense to me, and when I saw the number on the scales dropping every week it gave me all the motivation I needed.’

He started walking, then jogging and before long he was running.

The weight melted off and he felt amazing.

After dropping about 45kg, Aaron went overseas, did a high ropes course and joined a gym.

At 24 Aaron knew he wanted to travel the world – but he also knew he wouldn’t be able to do the things he wanted if he continued to be obese

Now his size and fitness level doesn’t hold him back – he still lacks some confidence but works on it each day

Four years down the track, he still goes to the gym and and eats healthily.

He now weighs 86kg and is happy with his new lease on life.

He eats a three-egg omelette for breakfast every day and chicken and rice for lunch during the week.

‘I don’t mind eating the same thing every day, I like meal prepping and sometimes I mix it up a bit with kangaroo or salmon instead of chicken,’ he said. 

Six months after beginning on his weight loss journey he was able to go overseas and do the activities he always wanted to try

 He now snowboards – a hobby he could never have tried if he had continued to be obese.

And while he still isn’t as confident as he would like to be due to the loose skin on his stomach, he is learning to be.

‘At the moment I am building muscle and I can already see it filling out some of the skin,’ he said.   

He follows people with loose skin on Instagram to help him with his confidence and now feels he can take his shirt off at the beach.

He has looked into surgery to remove the skin but has decided to try to continue to gain muscle before making a decision about going under the knife. 

Aaron couldn’t even finish a friendly game of tennis with mates when he was at university

He is now the fittest person in his friendship group, and his family

Aaron said cold turkey worked for him but he’s seen many people jump on and off the bandwagon.

His biggest piece of advice for those wanting to lose weight is to start off small. 

‘Do little things like swapping Coke for water and then it isn’t as hard,’ he said.

The 28-year-old also thanked his family and friends for their support throughout his weight loss journey.

‘They are all proud of me, I went from being the biggest, most unfit person in my family to being the fittest,’ he said.

What does a day on a plate look like for Aaron Hickey? 


 Breakfast: Three-egg omelette

Lunch: Chicken and rice

Dinner: Chicken and sweet potato 

Drink: Water or Coke Zero with alcohol 

When losing weight

Lite n’ Easy 1500 calorie diet plan.

This plan consisted of five meals each day:

Breakfast: Wrap with two eggs, cheese, mushrooms, spinach and sauce

Lunch: Chicken fajita bowl

Dinner: Shepherds pie

Snacks: Fresh fruit, almonds, pretzels and peanuts

Drinks: Water 


Breakfast: Coffee and a bacon and egg roll

Lunch: Pizza

Dinner:  Large Hungry Jacks meal

Snacks: Chips and chocolate

Drinks: One litre of Coke 

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