Meghan Markle wanted a closer relationship with her sister as a child

Meghan Markle wished to have an “affectionate” relationship with her sister, according to a body language analyst.

Judi James is a leading body language and communication expert who recently examined Meghan’s childhood photographs to determine what her early relationship with her half-sister, Samantha, was really like.

She examined three childhood photographs of Meghan: from when she was a toddler cuddling up to Samantha, as a child posing with Samantha and as a teenager posing with Samantha at her university graduation.

Speaking to, Judi said: “These pictures do seem to show a deteriorating relationship on Samantha’s side, not Meghan’s.”

The first image shows both sisters in a garden with toddler Meghan laughing and sitting on a teenage Samantha’s knee.

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Judi said: “As a baby, Meghan is photographed sitting on Samantha’s knee in a mother/baby type of pose. Meghan looks happy, trusting and uncomplicated, smiling at the camera while holding two large flowers.

“Samantha looks equally comfortable here, with a relaxed and congruent-looking smile.”

As Meghan aged, Judi said there are “hints” in the photographs that the Duchess “would have liked a close and affectionate relationship with her half-sister”.

In the second photograph, a 12-year-old Meghan can be seen smiling and leaning into Samantha while both sisters are sitting on a couch.

Judi looked at the photo and explained: “[Meghan has] pushed her long hair to one side to get as close to Samantha as she can, nestling behind her arm and pushing her head towards her shoulder.

“This little girl looks proud of her big sister and openly affectionate towards her. Her smile is symmetric, sweet and authentic.”

Judi added: “Samantha leans towards Meghan with her eyes widened and a slightly rigid-looking smile. There seems to be no attempt to put her arm round her in a protective gesture though, or to cuddle affectionately.”

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The body language expert then looked at the final photograph, which shows a teenage Meghan smiling with Samantha holding up her university degree.

Judi said the graduation photograph showed “Meghan still apparently keen to lean in close in a display of smiling affection and even pride”.

However, Samantha’s body language is different, as she can be seen “visually pulling away” as well as “leaning her head away as Meghan leans in”.

Judi added: “Her smile is an asymmetric mouth hike and she looks awkward rather than relaxed.”

This analysis comes as Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, and Samantha gave an interview with Channel 7. It aired on Sunday and featured Samantha labelling Meghan and Prince Harry’s relationship “toxic” and “really unhealthy.”

Samantha has also revealed she is hoping to legally challenge Meghan in court for comments the Duchess made during the Netflix documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’ which was released last year.

In the Netflix series, Meghan said she has not seen her Samantha in over a decade, and added that her last encounter with her half-sister was a fleeting reunion which lasted for only “a day and a half”.

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