Model says men ‘beg for dates’ – and one even offered £50k for a week with her

A polyamorous model has spilled the beans on her cheeky admirers with lads flooding her with lavish gifts.

Krista Shipman, 26, currently works in the army as a hospital administrator but is leaving it behind to become a full-time model.

She joined OnlyFans last September when she filed for divorce from her husband after feeling trapped in their "traditional marriage".

The couple split in 2018 but remained living together due to financial reasons.

Now Krista, from Washington, US, is loving single life and even exploring polyamory for the first time.

The bisexual bombshell has both men and women falling to her knees in a bid to land a date with her.

Her new job as a content creator saw one man offering a whopping $70,000 (£50,770) just for a week of her company.

She said: "He was extremely explicit in his request and it was clearly an offer for prostitution.

"This particular fan comes from family wealth and has a lot of money.

"There was no upfront banter of any sort, he just was very matter-of-fact about it.

"The man sent me his photo ID and pictures of his house along with his address so I can check it out."

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But Krista wasn't drawn to this man after revealing she "absolutely declined" his offer.

She admitted: "Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with sex, I think it's wonderful.

"I just don't want to do it because I feel like I'm contractually bound to it – that takes away all the enjoyment."

The fan also tried to get a discounted rate from the model, having offered a pal of hers $100,000 (£72,000) for the same weeks earlier.

This was by far the most interesting offer for Krista with other admirers keen to marry her – but just as friends.

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The unnamed chap also intended to give her a living expense and asked if she could run an LGBT centre, which she declined.

She added: "I got an offer from an elderly gay man who is worth over $50million and his offer was by far the most interesting.

"He said he wanted to marry me platonically and move me into his house.

"I could date and sleep with whoever I wanted, he just didn't want strangers going through the house when he wasn't there.

"He expected no sex and only had one major request; that his money go to a fund for an LGBT centre for children after his death."

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Another perk of the job is the many gifts which arrive on a daily basis.

Krista also gets business proposals, with one fan asking her to be the face of his distillery.

Although many of her fans make sexual suggestions, the majority of them just want companionship and someone to talk to.

She revealed: "It's like therapy; they just need someone to listen and not be judgmental.

"I love that I'm giving them some legitimate value for their money."

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Krista has also dated certain admirers outside of OnlyFans and done naked photoshoots with some of them.

She concluded: "I've ended up dating a couple of my followers.

"I try to give people a chance regardless of how I meet them, in the same way that I hope people give me a chance.

"Dating them obviously leads to more things but that's to be expected.

"I'm always up front with guys about who I am and my lifestyle."

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