Model who spent £11k on fillers dissolves them as she wants normal face back

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A model has explained that she now wants her natural looks back after spending years having filler injected into her face.

Candice Kloss is just 21-years-old, but she’s had so much work done she claims she “forgot” what she used to look like.

The New Yorker, who has an IQ of 137 and is a member of Mensa, began having injections to her face in 2019 – and went on to spend $15,000 (£11,290) turning herself into a “doll”.

But, now, the model – who has 63k Instagram followers @candice_kloss – says she’s tired of looking “fake” and wants to go back to “normal”.

She’s not the only influencer to want to re-naturalise their face as Love Island’s Molly Mae Hague stated that she was reversing some of her work last year.

Candice said: “In September 2021 I had the fillers that were in my lips, cheeks and jawline all removed.

“I realised that it wasn’t enhancing my beauty to continue to get this kind of work, it was making me look older having so much in my face.

“A lot of young women get filler to look younger but we don’t realise when it’s gone too far. I spent years looking fake but now I want to be a natural beauty.”

And, she admits that when she first started getting fillers her family were shocked at her looks.

She said: “My mum is very happy I’m becoming more natural, she doesn’t like filler. My dad is indifferent, he is used to me being out there.

“I think because it’s so dramatically different to my natural look they were quite surprised but they’re very supportive.”

But, while the model is easing up on fillers she still spends 45minutes every day doing makeup and spends thousands on her hair.

She explained: “I've always experimented with different looks, but I really started to embrace the doll style back in 2019.

“For years I was just doing the blonde hair but then slowly got more into it with doll-style makeup."

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Candice added: "Since getting my filler dissolved I haven’t changed my make-up much but it looks much better without the injectables.

“Every month I spend around $2,000 getting my hair bleached and extensions added in, both of which can take around seven hours to complete at a time.

“To keep the ‘doll look’ I love to wear anything white or pink that is pretty and girly.

“I don’t wear things like baggy jeans or oversized clothing, unflattering clothes like that should only be worn at home.”

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