More Than 34% Of Women Say This Is The Most Stylish Royal

The royal family is nothing if not stylish — even the littlest royals like Princess Charlotte are impeccably dressed every time they make a public appearance. But who wins the crown (pun intended) for most stylish royal?

Of the 574 women in the U.S. who were surveyed by The List, Kate Middleton received the most votes. Nearly 200 women (just over 34% of survey participants) said the Duchess of Cambridge is the most stylish member of the royal family. Right behind Kate is Meghan Markle, who received nearly 30% of the vote.

As Glamour UK pointed out, one reason people love Kate’s style is because she has perfected the “art of high-low dressing.” She mixes and matches clothing and accessories that we can actually afford with high-end designer items that are, well, just slightly out of our price range. For example, Kate wears brands including Zara, Topshop, the Gap, and ASOS (via Insider).

American women love Meghan Markle's style, too

American women covet Meghan’s style, too. Like Kate, she wears a combination of high-end designers and affordable brands; some of her favorites include Givenchy, Dior, J. Crew, and Artizia (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Although Kate and Meghan undeniably have the most wanted wardrobes in the royal family, over a quarter of respondents (151 readers) are sticking with the beloved Princess Diana. In addition to her affinity for gorgeous gowns, Diana’s style was famous for being colorful and, much like the princess herself, often daring and controversial (via Marie Claire Australia). Although many of Diana’s looks are no longer in style, some of her wardrobe choices are classics. In fact, The Zoe Report noted that Kate has frequently been spotted in Superga sneakers, which were a staple of Diana’s wardrobe in the ’90s.

Rounding out the survey were Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth, who each got 3.6% of the vote. It’s not surprising that women are less interested in Harry’s style when we’ve got so many gorgeous Kate and Meghan outfits to admire. And at age 94, Elizabeth’s top priorities probably don’t include following the latest fashion trends. Finally, 14 respondents chose “other.” Perhaps they’re diehard royal enthusiasts who follow lesser-known members of the family like Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

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