Motorist left reeling after finding sarcastic note on car ‘admiring parking’

A driver was surprised to find a note pinned to their car “admiring their parking”.

The letter seemed like a kind one until they dared to read on…

An angry passer-by had sarcastically added: “I didn’t know the blind could drive! Learn how to drive you f******d.”

A picture of the brutal note went viral on Reddit’s funny forum, where it garnered more than 38,100 upvotes.

Many commenters said the savage put-down was from the “passive aggressive playbook” and had cracked them up.

A Redditor laughed: “Ah the note I’ve always wanted to write but never had the balls to do so.”

Another said: “Frankly I’m getting some mixed messages from that note.”

A third wrote: “But if he’s blind he can’t read that note.”

Another commented: “Started off nice but got progressively meaner lmao.”

And a fifth joked: “Yeah mate, learn to park!”

This isn’t the only brutal parking note to be penned by an Aussie recently.

Last year, a letter left on the windscreen of a motor in Sydney set tongues wagging.

It reads: "Free parking lesson. Call 1800 car park."

The frustrated author of the note also left some advice in the form of hashtags.

They suggested: “learn how to drive like a champ” and “get some much-needed skills”.

The note adds: “This is a really, really bad attempt.”

The person who penned the letter couldn’t resist boasting about it.

They took to the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page to share a picture of the parked car and note with its 104,000 members.

Alongside the image, they wrote: “If you’re embarrassed about your lack of driving skills don’t hide in shame.

“Call me and I can give you all the verbal motivation you need.

“Don’t park like this pelican did and take up two spots for one car.”

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