Mrs Hinch fan decorates Christmas tree with fairy liquid and cleaning products

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Thousands of Brits have been decorating their trees for Christmas.

After all, a little bit of festive cheer is exactly what we need in 2020.

But, some of us have chosen more unusual themes – like cleaning influencer Mrs Krelle.

The Mrs Hinch superfan decided to decorate her fir tree with cleaning products that she loves.

Mrs Krelle’s tree is covered in boxes of Zoflora, washing up gloves, Astonish bottles and Sophie Hinchcliffe favourite Minky Cloths.

The quirky tree is even topped with a bottle of Fairy Liquid – as opposed to the usual festive fairy.

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To round off the look, the cleanfluencer added white bows, pearly string garlands and sparkling lights.

Mrs Krelle shared her unusual tree on her Instagram, @athomewithmrskrelle, where she has 10,000 followers.

She said: ““Just putting the FAIRY on top of the tree.

“I mean what did you guys expect? This is me.

“Merry Christmas my lovelies.

“One tree is finally up.”

Mrs Krelle also shared her tree on Facebook where fans said they loved the snowy tree.

“You’re an absolute legend,” commented one person.

Another added: “Love this – you are so brilliant!”

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Mrs Krelle’s other tree is covered in similar white bows and garlands plus warm, yellow-toned lights.

Plus, pale white and grey baubles and accessories.

The Instagram star said: “So the tree is finally up.

“I just adore looking at the tree lights.

“We usually have red in our front room but this year it's white and grey.”

Hundreds of Mrs Hinch fans have taken to decorating their homes in neutral tones to emulate the cleaning influencer.

However, Sophie Hinchcliffe herself has yet to reveal her 2020 tree.

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