Mrs Hinch fans share simple cleaning hacks which make sure bins dont smell

No homeowner likes a smelly bin in their property, however it isn't always easy to get it smelling nice.

However, fans of popular cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch have shared some easy hacks to make sure your bin smells pleasant.

Mrs Hinch fans now have their own Facebook groups where they share cleaning hacks with each other.

And this latest post has now racked up more than 500 comments as it went viral.

The suggestions came after one member shared a photo of their bin as they wrote: "My bin constantly stinks, I have to change it 3 times a week, even if it’s empty it smells and we’ve given it a shower. Any recommendations on how to make it smell nicer, thanks."

People rushed to help the guy out, as one suggested: "I use bin buddy my bin never smells when I use that inside the black bags."

While another added: "Zoflora disinfectant wash out and thoroughly dried."

A third wrote: "Change my bin liner every day food is separate bags."

While a fourth added: "Let the bin dry b4 putting in new bag."

A fifth chimed in: "Jeyes bin powder…put underneath bin liner and directly in bin if very smelly!"

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While a sixth added: "I put a few drops of Dettol in mine."

We're pretty sure if you tried out all of them, you're bin would end up smelling of roses!

The hacks come after Mrs Hinch fans also helped a group member who asked how to get mould and mildew off her shower seal and bathroom walls.

Writing in the group, the woman said: "So embarrassed to be posting this, we moved into a house and this is the state of the en suite shower it makes me feel sick!

"I’ve tried Viakal and Astonish mould and mildew on it so far any help please."

Although many suggestions were shared, the majority told the woman to try Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover, which can be purchased for just £3 online.

One wrote: "Seal off, spray cilit bang mould and mildew all over it, and inside it, leave for a couple of hours. Then rinse off."

While another added: "Cilit bang black mould remover, my shower was like this, left it on for a little longer than said and just washed off, I was amazed."

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