My boyfriend would rather spend the evening looking at TikTok videos than give me any attention at all

DEAR DEIDRE: THE constant smug dances, perfectly manicured men and women, and the ridiculous animals are driving me mad.

My boyfriend would rather spend the evening looking at TikTok videos than give me any attention at all. We are both 22

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We used to spend three or four evenings a week at his place or mine, when we’d go for a drive or watch a film together. Sometimes we would just chat.

But over the past few months all of that has dried up. Now he only ever shows me attention if he wants sex.

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As soon as that’s over, he goes back on his phone to watch videos.

I have made it very clear that I am unimpressed but he doesn’t seem to want or care to change for us. What should I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: It does sound like this relationship is all about him and his needs. Can you talk to him about this and tell him how you feel?

Of course sex is important in a relationship – but so is communication, support and sharing life experiences.

Suggest you have at least two evenings a week when you turn off your phones.

Or suggest a phone curfew after 9pm. If he is not willing to change, perhaps it is time you made him your own video, telling him you are off the menu until he can wean himself off his phone.

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