My sister made me soap from her breast milk for Xmas – its not what I wanted

Christmas is over for yet another year – but at least we are all left with presents and memories of the festive season.

While some were gifted their 100th Lynx Africa smelly set, others may have been given something more personal.

However, this woman's sister might have just over stepped the 'personal' mark this past Yuletide.

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Mindy claimed her sibling gifted her some homemade soap – thoughtful, right? But by homemade we mean from her sister's breastmilk.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up million of views, Mindy shared the tale behind the personalised soap.

"I asked for Olaplex", the beauty explained that she listed the hair product brand on her wish list.

Despite being clear about what she wanted to see under the Christmas tree, Mindy revealed the breastmilk bars of soap.

"My sister made these soaps from her breast milk", she claimed.

The white and cream bars of sanitary products were packaged in see-through seal bags.

"At least she packaged it nice", Mindy mentioned in the caption.

Since being posted, the unusual Christmas haul went viral and attracted lots of comments.

Although some people were in shock over the breastmilk soap, others believed it could be really good for Mindy's skin – or sell to a particularly keen buyer.

One person commented: "NO WAY."

Another user added: "You could buy Olaplex for life if you find the right corner of the interwebs to sell those thangs.

"You’re about to be rich baby."

While a third voiced: "Girl resell it you’ll be able to buy the set of Olaplex after."


Someone else noted: "These are honestly probably great but it’s such an awkward boundary crossed."

Meanwhile, a fifth woman alleged: "Literally breastmilk is magical.

"My husband asks for me to make it for him to use on his acne (no other products work) and it clears it right up."


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