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DEAR DEIDRE: FROM the age of eight, I was sexually abused by my uncle. Nobody believed me, and what happened has ruined my life.

I’m now wondering if it’s too late to go to the police.

I’m a 30-year-old woman and have tried to get over what happened to me, but I can’t. 

I’m depressed and have panic attacks. I find it hard to have relationships, as I don’t trust anyone, and find sex difficult.

The abuse carried on for about three years. I told my mum – my uncle’s sister – but she said I shouldn’t make things up.

I never mentioned it again.

Sometimes, over the years, I have wondered if I dreamed it all, and my memories aren’t real.

But I know it did happen – I think my mind has blocked things out because of the trauma.

I feel increasingly angry and want to bring my abuser to justice. 

He’s still alive, although quite old now, and is having a nice life. Unlike me.

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DEIDRE SAYS: How terrible not to be believed by your mother, the one person you should have been able to trust to protect you.

It is not too late to report what happened to you. 

My support pack, Abused As A Child, will show you how to find help if you want to discuss bringing a case against your perpetrator.

Talking to a counsellor would really help you to move forward.


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