Need a Pick-Me-Up? 21 Stars Reveal Their Go-To Snack

Apples and peanut butter. Avocado with olive oil and salt. Hot Cheetos. Those are just some approved nibbles celebs exclusively revealed to E! News.

Hangry (adjective): bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

Raise your hand if you've personally experienced hanger. Yeah, both of our hands are up too. We all know that feeling when it's technically in-between lunch and dinner and you don't want to eat a whole meal but you definitely need something to hold you over before you end up losing some of your friends due to your short temper. But what to grab is often just as much of a struggle, which is why we asked some of our favorite celebrities to reveal their go-to snack.

Kate Hudson, Lauren Conrad and Padma Lakshmi all revealed their love for a classic fruit option, while star athletes like Naomi Osaka and Gabby Douglas revealed their goodies of choice to refuel after a tough workout. Plus, Joanna Garcia Swisher and Audrina Patridge just can't resist saying "yes please!" to some cheese. 

So check out these star-approved snack ideas next time the clock hits 3 p.m. and your stomach started to rumble…

"Fruit and raw nuts. Recently I've made an effort to keep lost of fresh products and nuts on hand for snacking in-between meals."

"I am snacking so much while I've been at home! I think it's because I'm home and near my fridge all day. I slice up an apple and it fills me up between meals. I love the satisfying crunch and so do my kids."

"My go-to snack is canned oysters. I know that might sound weird, but I am absolutely obsessed with canned oysters. They are such a good source of protein, magnesium and vitamin C. They are so tasty and always fill me up. I eat them straight out of the can, but sometimes if I want some extra carbs, I'll eat them with crackers and the crunch of the cracker with the soft oyster is so good!"

"Cheese and crackers."

"Green apples with peanut butter."

"Carrots and hummus is always a fave with a handful of raw almonds and/or cashews."

"I always have a cup of fruit near me, usually with grapes or berries. For drinks, I like homemade green juice. I mix in BODYARMOR Lyte, Coconut for some sweetness and flavor without having to worry about sugar."

"Handfuls of roasted, unsalted almonds, a slice of sourdough bread with cashew butter and sliced bananas, a smoothie (mine usually have whole milk Greek yogurt, ice, a handful of spinach, some pineapple, whatever milk I have (right now it is Forager Coconut Cashew Oat), a banana, half an avocado, two dates, a dash of cinnamon( and sometimes a scoop of nut butter)."

"Hot Cheetos and fruit with tajin and lemon, yummy!"

"Raw macadamia nuts."

"FRUIT. I can't think of a more perfect food."

"Cheese and crackers with lots of cheese."

"Pretzels and salt & vinegar chips."

"Avocado with salt. It's the right amount of indulgent with being super easy to make. If I have more time I'll add a poached egg with a smidge of hot sauce from Big Reds."

"Apples and peanut butter BUT not just your average apples and peanut-butter, folks. There is a science to this special snack. First, they have to be honeycrisp apples, cut very thin. Then you get your peanut butter, melt it, add some honey and stir all the deliciousness together! This creates almost like a caramel consistency. You don't use nearly as much peanut butter AND you avoid getting it on your thumb every time you dip. Brilliant, I KNOW!"

"Popcorn because I love the salt. But I don't feel terrible after I eat it because popcorn is pretty light!"

"My go-to snack at the moment is going to sound so strange: I like to take a flour tortilla with salted butter melted in a pan and then I top it with Nutella. I know it's weird! LOL, it's honestly like an easier version of a crêpe and that's why I love it."

"Prosciutto and mozzarella cheese is my favorite snack, I have it almost everyday."

"Half and avocado with a drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lemon and a dash of truffle salt. Extremely satisfying."

"I wish I could say it was something healthy but I'm a child at heart and it's by far Flavor Blasted Goldfish. LOL!"

"Apples and peanut butter."

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