Olivia Munn Got Candid About Getting Out of a Relationship That Made Her Feel “Worthless”

Olivia Munn is getting candid about a breakup. Munn was recently a guest on the first episode of NAKED with Catt Sadler, and she discussed a past relationship that made her feel "worthless."

“We had been in calm waters for a long time, it’s always calm waters. And then all of a sudden the boat capsized,” she said about the relationship. “I think a lot of women and men who are in relationships are like this, where you’re just walking on eggshells and you’re just happy anytime…you can breathe a little bit, even though you don’t realize that you have a cinder block on your chest the whole time. You’re taking in little sips of air.”

“When it capsized, I was still in the emotional place that I had been in for those years, which wasn’t a good place,” she continued. “And then when you do go through something like that you do truly feel worthless.”

She said that "when you're in any kind of abusive relationship — emotional, physical, anything," the feeling of worthlessness is "the first sign" that "you gotta do whatever you can to get the f— out."

The actress also said that the ex in question had asked her to turn down job offers and reflected on moments where she didn't prioritize herself.

“I had an opportunity to go on Broadway and I turned that down," she said. I had an opportunity to go to Australia to film. And he said, ‘No, don’t do it.’ And I was [like], ‘OK.' That was easy for me to do. That was so easy for me to say, ‘No.’ It felt good and bad to put myself second and put somebody else first.”

Munn didn't name her ex or give any other details about the relationship. Her most recent public relationship was with Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and the two split in 2017.

Nowadays, she said that she's open to having someone "amazing" come into her life, but isn't really on the lookout for a partner.

“I am so happy in my life right now and I don’t think I will ever get married or have children, unless somebody comes around that’s so amazing,” she said. “I already feel like I’m actually in a happy ending.”

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