Omicron could be infecting 4,000-a-day as doom-mongering experts warn Brits need full national lockdown

OMICRON could be infecting more than 4,000 Brits each day as experts warn the UK should be plunged into lockdown once more.

At present, over 51,000 people are testing positive for the coronavirus each day across the country.

Experts have said that infections from Omicron are doubling every two to three days and it was last night reported that cases have risen by 44 per cent in 24 hours.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said another 249 cases of the variant had been detected, taking the total to 817.

However, the UKHSA has said the number of infections is likely to be more in the region of 10,000.

Data from the UK's Health Security Agency shows that cases of Omicron are now behind 8.5 per cent of infections.

In the last few days, over 50,000 Brits have been testing positive on a daily basis, meaning that over 4,000 could be from Omicron.

This is despite the fact that less than 1,000 cases of the variant have actually been detected in the UK.

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Epidemiologist at Queen Mary University of London, Deepti Gurdasan, warned that the government 'must respond' to the Omicron crisis.

She highlighted that ministers had unveils 'incremental restrictions' that could plunge Brits into a fourth lockdown.

“The NHS is already in trouble. And in the worst-case scenario, the impact [of Omicron] could actually exceed previous peaks in terms of hospitalisations. This is a crisis. It’s not a time for incremental measures.

“It’s much better to take stringent action early, but as usual the Government is proceeding with delayed action which inevitably leads into lockdowns", she told the i.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to implement Plan B restrictions in order to 'get on the front foot' when it comes to Omicron.

This includes a 'work from home if you can' recommendation, and mandatory face masks in places like theatres.

The booster campaign has also been bolstered this week with more people being urged to come forward for their jabs in order to give them an extra boost against Omicron.

An emergency COBRA meeting is also set to take place today due to the fears, with Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon attending – along with other devolved leaders.

It comes after Sturgeon warned on a 'tsunami' of Omicron infections.

She said: "To be blunt, because of the much greater and faster transmissibility of this new variant, we may be facing – indeed we may be starting to experience – a potential tsunami of infections."

It's due to the rising infections that officials are believed to be considering Plan C rules.

This would include table service in pubs and vaccine passports in smaller venues.

The proposals – which would be a step up from the current Plan B restrictions – could be introduced in the New Year if Omicron turns out to be more dangerous than currently believed.

Under 'Plan C' punters would have to check in with the NHS Covid app to go to pubs and restaurants.

Face mask-wearing may also extend to all indoor places – including those currently exempt in Plan B, including gyms and pubs.

Brits may also have to show vaccine passports at more venues – which will be a blow to businesses already facing issues under Plan B.

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