OnlyFans babe receives request to make sexy version of Squid Game challenges

Just this week Netflix series Squid Game broke records for becoming the most watched show on the platform.

It gained fans all over the world with some taking to the internet to share their own take on the hit programme.

One superfan of the South Korean series is OnlyFans star Amber Sweetheart who went the extra mile with it.

The model, known as the Queen of Sexting, has shared one fan asked for her to make a sexy twist by recreating the challenges.

She said: "A fan asked me to wear a sexy version of the outfit of the participants and recreate the challenges of the show.

"It was an interesting request and I could tell he was really invested as he even went as far as send me links to costumes online."

Amber added: "[The fan even] offered to pay for them if I decided to go through with the request."

The model thought it was a fun challenge since she's never been asked to recreate a Netflix series before.

She continued: "I was probably one of the few people in the world who had not watched the show before I got the request.

"But this request complete make be binge watch in to know what it was all about."

Meanwhile, the model who earns £71,000 a year by teaching others to orgasm, shared her secrets to great sex.

Amber pockets an eye-watering sum from sharing her sex tips on the adults-only subscription website.

The yogi was forced to find other sources of income when the pandemic hit – and now she hasn't looked back since.

She helps people have better sex and deeper climaxes by showing them special moves from the ancient practice.

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Meanwhile the star revealed she wrote a guide to sexting to help others up their game on the phone.

The beauty said: "It will be a book with the best practices, how to respond, how to be comfortable and find your sexting style.

"My goal is to demystify the practice and make it accessible for everyone."

She was recently baffled after being offered 200 camels as part of a bizarre marriage proposal.

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