Page 3 girl shares reality behind glam shoots and posing hack models use

A former Page 3 model has shared her tips for posing in a sexy fashion for photos – revealing that she relies on “the rule of triangles”.

Alex Sim-Wise used to appear on the saucy pictures section in lads mags, and now makes £10,000 a month by offering a consultancy service for people looking to set up their own OnlyFans account.

The online platform allows content creators to share explicit videos and images with paying subscribers.

In a new Channel 4 documentary, How to Make it on OnlyFans, viewers were able to follow along as Alex shared tips for finding success on the platform with a few new aspiring adult models.

And, in one scene, the adult star showed eager learner Emily – who calls herself ‘Baddie Rabbit’ online – her “rule of triangles” tip.

“Now it’s just you with a little old light in a self-made studio setting,” Alex began, setting up a smartphone with a ring light to capture the saucy images.

Lying on the bed and switching positions, Alex explained: “You kind of have to look at the edges of the screen and try and put a bit of your body, so like a face in the corner, and legs there (gesturing to the opposite corner).

“You want to get some angles in there so you’re making triangles basically, it’s the rule of triangles.

“So whatever you’re doing, it’s like a triangle in your arm, a triangle in your leg. It just creates interest in the picture.”

“Everything needs to be flat to the camera to make it really stand out.”

In the era of OnlyFans, where many adult performers make money directly from paying subscribers, Alex explained that it is critical that models maintain eye contact with the camera.

“Content is personal, so it’s addressed to the viewer,” she emphasised. “With your face, think sexy thoughts.”

Swiping through the collection of pictures they’d taken after the session, Emily and Alex were pleased with what she’d achieved, saying: “I think your fans will like that one.”

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