Pet owners shared snaps of the things their pups did

Doggone funny! Owners share how their pets keep them entertained with weird and wonderful antics – including perching on windowsills and stealing jam

  • People from all over the world shared hilarious snaps of their beloved funny dogs
  • This showed what the four-legged pets did when thought no one was looking
  • In one snap, a tiny Corgi recuperates from eating a whole jar of strawberry jam 

Dog owners from around the world have shared funny snaps of their beloved four-legged friends. 

The pictures, which were shared on social media and collated by Bored Panda, show the pups in all kinds of funny situations, from perching on windows to playing peek-a-boo.

In one picture, a little corgi takes a nap on the floor after eating – and spreading – a whole jar of strawberry jam. 

In another, a German Shepherd from Berlin still believes is his a pup and does his best to fit in his favourite sleeping spot. 

Scroll down for some of FEMAIL’s favourite photos… 

People from all over the US have shared funny pictures of their beloved dogs. This pup was not afraid to steal the show and photobombed these girl’s picture in just one jump

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Nap time! This dog mama taught her seven puppies how to have a great rest by lying on their backs  

This 15-year-old Chihuahua from Massachusetts had sensitive eyes, so her owner had to invest in a pair of special sunglasses 

A woman from Florida was shocked to find her pup perched on her kitchen window while returning from her shop

This exhausted little pup was left covered in jam after tucking into a jar

An US-based man shared this funny picture of a dog imitating a toddler’s pose – or is the toddler imitating the dog? 

Someone’s not happy about the engagement! A man from California shared this picture where a pup seems very alarmed by this owner’s choice of spouse 

Doggy-ception! A US-based Dalmatian lover was amused to see her dog imitate the behaviour of one of the pups from the Disney classic 

What big teeth you have! An US-based dog lover was shocked to find their pup had munched on the brush they used to clean the dishes 

Ready four a raw-d trip? This little pup from the US was ready for her driving test and felt confident behind the wheel 

This playful Labrador pup from the New York State could not resist a game of pick-a-boo with his owner 

He’s found his people! This pupper looked delighted to have found cowd with the same hair as him

Rawr! Who would want to come face to face with this terrifying ‘attack’ dog based in the United-States

This German Shepherd from Berlin was convinced he could still fit in this corner like he did as a pup

Sir, there is something on your nose! This dynamic duo from Romania have perfected the art of a good group picture 

That’s the spot! This US-based Dachshund is an expert at finding the perfect, warm location for his afternoon naps 

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