Peter Andre says it’s ‘bittersweet’ watching his wife Emily work in the ‘firing line’ during the coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

PETER Andre says that it is “bittersweet” watching his wife work in the "firing line" as a doctor in the NHS.

The 47-year-old singer praised Emily, 30, for her work during the coronavirus pandemic in a new interview.

He said: “She’s been incredible, whether she’d want me to say it or not, and she’s been out there saving lives right in the firing line like every other carer and doctor.

“It was really bittersweet for me, because I was so proud of her for what she was doing, but so scared for her health and for her kids.”

The Mysterious Girl singer, who has been looking after his four children while she is at work, said: “On balance, I’ll never forget this time as being time I spent with my family.”

The NHS junior doctor, secretly battled the killer virus for two weeks in March and took the decision to self-isolate after she started to feel “very unwell”.

Emily has been working on the NHS frontline since the pandemic started and developed a headache, sore throat and aching limbs – she also lost her ability to taste and smell.

Emily took a government approved test at her hospital in Surrey which came back positive.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about the "worst time" Peter revealed that they kept his wife's sickness a secret from everyone.

Even their four kids Amelia, six, Theo, three, and his older children Princess, 13, and Junior, 15, were kept in the dark because Emily "didn't want to worry anyone or cause drama".

Emily said that she was terrified of passing the virus onto her children, saying: “Of course I'm worried that I could potentially bring it home to the kids, but I'm trying to be sensible and washing my hands and changing out of my clothes straight away before having a shower.”

Peter admits: “It was a really scary time. Emily became ill when the cases were soaring, nobody knew the symptoms, not all doctors were wearing masks and Emily was very exposed to it.
"She said she thought she could have it as her symptoms were so unique.

"She lost all taste – now we know that's one of the key symptoms – but they didn't know that when Emily felt sick.

"She couldn't taste or smell anything, imagine you've got a really bad flu, and she had aches and the sore throat.

“It was a really worrying time because obviously the kids were asking ‘where’s mummy,’ but I couldn’t tell them – I was too petrified of them getting it.”

He and Emily met through her dad, who is also a doctor, after the star was rushed to hospital in excruciating pain before performing at Plymouth Pavilions.

Peter had kidney stones and was treated by Emily's father. The star became close to the consultant urologist and, when he returned to perform at the Plymouth venue, was introduced to Emily.

In 2012 they finally went public with their relationship at a Magic Mike premiere and they married in the summer of 2015 in a ceremony at Mamhead House in Exeter, Devon.

They have two children, Theo, three, and Amelia, six, together while Peter also has Princess, 13, and Junior, 15, from his relationship with ex-wife Katie Price.

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