Petrified cat is rooted to the spot after miniature earthquake

Good thing she has nine lives! Cat owner shares video of her petrified pet Mochi lying FROZEN in fear after a mini earthquake – sparking an outpouring of sympathy from Twitter users

  • A cat’s reaction to a California earthquake went viral on Twitter
  • The pet, named Mochi, was so scared she had her paws permanently in the air
  • Her owner, Emily, assured the cat that it was ‘just a tiny earthquake’ 
  • Emily’s roommate also tried to console the visibly spooked cat 
  • The clip received 800 retweets and almost 4,000 likes 
  • Dozens of concerned comments flooded in from fellow pet owners wanting to know if Mochi was OK after the scare

A petrified wide-eyed black and white cat was rooted to the spot after a miniature earthquake struck her home, causing sympathy to pour in from Twitter users.

Little Mochi was shown rooted to the spot with her feet in the air in the clip taken in California.

Her owner Emily Chenister uploaded the clip, which led to an outpouring of support and encouragement for the ‘scaredy cat’.

Spooked: Twitter users tweeted sympathy for the ‘spooked’ cat named Mochi

The terror! The California pet’s eyes remain wide with fear throughout the short clip 

Consolation: Emily’s roommate Meghan tried to calm Mochi down by cradling her legs that seem rooted upright in fear 

Posting the adorable clip on Twitter, Emily wrote: ‘Mochi’s first earthquake experience. I only heard it.’

Replying to concerned responses, she added that Mochi ‘went full deer mode’ – evidently thinking ‘If I don’t move maybe it won’t affect me.’

Emily, an animator, also assured pet lovers who were weighing in on the video that Mochi is getting lots of support.

Speaking on the video, she can be heard saying: ‘It was just a tiny earthquake. You can put your feet down now.’ 

‘You alright? Oh my gosh she’s scared,’ Emily said. 

Emily’s roommate, Meghan Auer, also an artist, can be seen grabbing the cat’s legs in an attempt to soothe her. 

As dozens of Twitter users reached out to Emily asking if Mochi had since recovered, she said, ‘She’s a little better now. She hasn’t left my side so I’m just giving her all the hugs and comforts. Poor baby girl.’ 

‘Animals feel earthquakes deep within their little souls [and] it scares the crap outta them,’ one concerned user tweeted in response.

‘I myself have seismophobia [an extreme fear of earthquakes] thanks to an earthquake that happened when I was in 3rd grade so I have a lot of empathy for your cat,’ said another. 

‘Aww. Poor baby, please provide snuggles and other comforts for this beautiful cat,’ echoed a similar sentiment. 

Sympathy: Concerned Twitter users reached out to check if Mochi was OK after the scare 

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