Piers Morgan supports Nike’s plus-size mannequin

Piers Morgan reveals he supports Nike’s controversial plus-size mannequin for encouraging women of all sizes ‘to get fit and lose weight’

  • GMB’s Piers Morgan praised Nike for encouraging all sizes to go to the gym 
  • He said that the mannequin promotes size inclusivity for all women 
  • Outspoken host has hit out in the past at plus-size models for promoting obesity
  • He invited body positivity model Tess Holliday on to the daytime show 

Piers Morgan ‘surprised’ himself as he admitted he was in support of Nike’s plus-size mannequin which has divided opinion.

The Good Morning Britain host, 54, debated the appearance of the larger size mannequin alongside model Hayley Hasselhoff and personal trainer Mandy Platt.

He praised the sportswear giant for encouraging women of all sizes to go to go to the gym to ‘get fit and lose weight’.

But the outspoken presenter still hit out at size 20 US model Tess Holliday for promoting obesity after she appeared on the front cover of Cosmopolitan last year.

Nike unveiled the plus-size mannequins (pictured) in its flagship London store on Oxford Street last week which has been met with divided opinion

Piers Morgan said he ‘surprised’ himself for supporting Nike’s decision to include a plus-size mannequin in its Oxford Street store in London 

Piers said: ‘I don’t like the celebration of morbid obesity like with Tess Holliday on the Cosmo cover.’

Adding: ‘You should spend your time getting your weight down and getting fit.

‘I think Nike are encouraging women to do it. To get fit and lose weight. 

‘I surprised myself. Good on Nike for trying to get people who are plus size to think “this is actually for me”.’  

Model Hayley Hasselhoff (left) said that the mannequin helped make all women feel they fit in whereas personal trainer and body coach Mandy Platt (right) said it sent the wrong message

Plus-size model Hayley Hasselhoff was firmly in support of the mannequin and said that it made women feel ‘their size was included’.

Personal trainer Mandy Platt believes it is sending the wrong message for those who don’t know about health and fitness.

Piers then added: ‘It would make any fat person a little bit more inclined If it was aimed at them.’

Hayley said that she felt it was difficult for larger women to go to the gym alongside slimmer people: ‘It makes women feel judged.’

Piers hit out once again at size 20 model Tess Holliday who he argued with last year over her front cover for Cosmopolitan

Tess promotes body positivity and has clashed with Piers on several occasions as he claims she promotes morbid obesity 

The sportswear brand revealed the larger dummies at the Nike Town store in Oxford Street, alongside para-sport mannequins.

It comes as part of renovations to the women’s floor which opened last week, including ‘extended offerings of plus-sizes’ as well as women’s team kits and customised sportswear.

The decision received mixed reviews with internet users disagreeing on whether the move is a positive step forward, with some arguing it will encourage obesity.

Others pointed out that those wanting to lose weight needed sport clothes to wear when exercising. 

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