Princess Kate shows no signs of ego on visit to Ukrainian centre

Kate Middleton visits Reading Ukrainian Community Centre

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Kate, Princess of Wales, made a solo visit to the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre today to speak to people who continue to be affected by the devastating conflict. The Princess was greeted by a group of officials led by the centre’s chairman Antonio Gresko.

After she received the traditional Ukrainian welcome gifts of bread and salt, she told the group “having a charity centre like this is a lifeline”.

The Princess’ sympathies during her visit were clear for all to see, and she comforted a weeping mother whose husband is fighting in Ukraine.

Kate placed her hand on her own heart and said “I wish we could do more”.

She later told the mother: “Everything you’ve experienced is so understandable.”

During her visit, Kate posed for pictures with children on her lap and chatted with groups of Ukrainian families sitting at tables.

She said to them: “It’s still all going on and you have loved ones and family in Ukraine, they still see the horrors of war every day.”

She added that she was impressed by their “bravery”, adding: “You’re showing a resilience, I’m overwhelmed by how strong you all are.”

Body language expert Judi James said the Princess of Wales avoided showing signs of “fame and status” during her visit today.

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She said: “Kate’s body language here would be defined as response-based charismatic.

“Royals and celebrities often use ego-based charisma signals where they arrive showing high-ranking rituals of fame and status but Kate arrives looking so delighted to see and meet with her hosts that she makes them look like the important people in the transaction.

“She does this by her open-mouthed hail of greeting, rather than the traditional royal smile of being greeted, and her eyes-down smile of thanks and the way she tucks her bag under her arm as she receives the tray with both hands.

“It’s a relaxed and more compliant approach that registers respect for the people she is meeting and the plight of their country.”

For her visit, Kate donned an outfit with a subtle tribute to Ukraine.

She opted for a dress by High Street brand LK Bennett in blue and yellow, the national colours of Ukraine’s flag.

The Tallis Navy and Yellow Spot Print Pleated Shirt Dress retails for £279.

She paired it with a long Max & Co camel coat and a pair of navy shoes.

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