REVEALED! Owners who share an uncanny resemblance to their pooches

Doggy doubles! Owners who share an uncanny resemblance to their canines thanks to matching hairstyles and expressions compete to be crowned best lookalike in a nationwide contest

  • Aldi launched owner and pet lookalike social media competition across nation  
  • Many went to great extent, with one even wearing matching bee costumes 
  • Others pulled same facial expression or donned similar hairstyles to their hound 

It’s widely known that many owners share an uncanny resemblance to their pets, so Aldi put it to the test by launching a nationwide call out for the best ‘Peta-likes.’ 

Over the past three weeks, the supermarket has scoured the country for the best lookalikes, with owners sharing their proudest photos on social media.

And it seems the nation’s love for animals is at an all time, with owners going to great extents to ‘twin’ with their furry companions by wearing matching outfits, and even opting for similar hairstyles.  

The social media competition supported the return of the supermarket’s best-selling matching pet Christmas jumpers, as part of the Novelty Christmas range – and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Thanks a bunch! One pet lover decided to style her hair in low pigtails to replicate her beloved Springer Spaniel’s droopy ears 

Curl power! Another youngster and his furry friend look uncanny due to the colour and style of their auburn locks 

Pucker up! This lady decided to pout for the camera, before encouraging her dog to do the same

Chin up! We’re not sure who looks unhappier to be on camera out of these two lookalikes, but one thing’s for sure – their beards are uncanny!

The bee’s knees! This pet owner gets ten out of ten for effort after dressing up in the same costume as her gorgeous pooch

Looking all white! They say pets look like their owners…and this adorable snap proves just that!

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Set tongues wagging! Another strong entry comes in the form of this gorgeous pair, who can be seen pulling the same expression for the camera

Grab your coat! This adorable duo are upping the fashion stakes in their matching yellow rain jackets

Furry friends! Feast your eyes on this captivating duo, who both know how to pose up a storm for the cameras

Hair raising!This pet owner and her furry friend both have locks that anyone would be envious of

Blonde bombshells! With their matching wavy locks and light hair, you can tell this dog belongs to its owner from a mile off

Say cheese! A photo of this grinning double act is enough to put a smile back on anyone’s face

Hair of the dog! Another entry that stands a chance of winning is this duo, with their matching eyes and locks

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