Rude turtle and photobombing giraffe feature in Wildlife Comedy Awards

They’re having a giraffe! A rude turtle, a smiling fish and a singing squirrel feature in the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • The animals were pictured by photographers who have gone on to compete in the Comedy Wildlife Awards 
  • Competition founded by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson, who are both wildlife photographers themselves
  • Thousands of entries have been whittled down to 44 of the best, also including a smiling fish 

From a rude turtle to a photobombing giraffe, singing squirrel and a smiling fish which wouldn’t look out of place in an animated kids’ movie – these are world’s most adorable animals captured making some very funny poses.

The animals were pictured by photographers competing in the sixth annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which saw thousands of pictures entered, taken around the world.

These have been whittled down to what should have been 40 entries.  But the final number turned out to be 44 because the competition’s founders Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson, who are both Tanzania-based wildlife photographers themselves, felt there were four which could not be left out. 

Tom told Bored Panda: ‘Choosing the finalists was basically an impossible task, our initial shortlist was over 400, which is three times more than it has ever been.’  

As well as providing a smile, the competition works alongside the Born Free Foundation to highlight a more serious matter – the importance of conserving our planet’s beautiful wildlife.

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the best finalists’ photos…

This turtle looked as though it was being very rude indeed to the photographer who snapped it swimming. The picture is one of the 44 finalists in the annual Comedy Wildlife Awards and was taken by Mark Fitzpatrick at the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort in Queensland, Australia 

Water great smile! This colourful fish looked absolutely delighted to be photographed by appearing to give a wide grin. The animal, which looks like it could be in a Disney movie, is a European Parrotfish that was snapped off the coast of The Canary Islands, Spain

This squirrel looked as though it was belting out a song as it stood on its hind legs and appeared to sing with its head held high. The photo is titled ‘O sole mio’ and was taken in  Hungary by Roland Kranitz

Having a giraffe! This giraffe looked very mischievous as it appeared to force its way in to a photo which was being taken of one of its mates, the photo was taken at the Etosha National Park in Namibia

Monkeying around! These two macaques, pictured in Borneo, Malaysia, looked as though they were engaged in something very naughty indeed

This raccoon clearly let its desire for food get the better of it as it was seen stuck head-first inside a hole in a tree. Photographer Charlie Davidson took the photo in Newport News, Virginia

This baby otter looked absolutely terrified and very upset as its mother groomed it in Singapore. Max Teo aptly titled his shot ‘It’s the Last Day of School Holidays.’

Bear with me! This bear, pictured in Alaska, appeared to be waving at whoever was taking its picture. It was seen in water standing straight on its hind legs with its left paw raised in the air

This seal, pictured in Caithness, Scotland, looked as though it found something very funny as it was seen with its eyes screwed shut and its mouth wide open lying on a piece of wood just out of the water

This Eurasian red squirrel in Espelo in the Netherlands, looked to be having the time of its life as it was seen with what looked like a smile on its face and two streaks of fur rising from its head into the air. Photographer Femke van Willigen called it ‘The Inside Joke’

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 This silverback gorilla looked a little down in the dumps as it sat with its head resting on its palm at the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. Taken by Marcus Westberg, the snap is called ‘Boredom’

Help me! This poor monkey looked pained as it sat hot springs in Japan and lifted its hands in the air with a grimaced expression on his face

By contrast, this other primate, which was pictured elsewhere in Japan, appeared triumphant as it raised its arms into the air and wore a resolute expression its face. The snow monkey was bathing in Jigokudani Monkey Park

Noting to see here! These two young bears appeared as though they were seeking to remove a tire from a pick-up truck in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming as they cheekily looked back at the camera

An icy look! This polar bear, which was pictured in Svalbard, Norway looked to be embarrassed about something as it was seen resting on a patch of ice with its paw apparently covering its eyes

Manicure time! This bird posed in a way which made it look like it was filing its nails… even though it didn’t have any. The snap, which also looks like a bird playing a an instrument, was taken in Florida

Tough Negotiations! This small fox looked to be engaging in conversation with an even tinier creature – a rodent in this snap captured in Israel 

Fun for all ages! This naughty monkey seemed to be joyfully swinging from the tails of its companions who were sitting on a tree branch above – and looking less than happy as they swung on a tree in Kabini, India

Seriously, Would You Share Some? This greedy Atlantic puffin looked to be hogging all the fish and its companion looked a little upset in a snap taken in Scotland 

These four dwarf mongooses looked like statues as they all stared straight ahead from behind a log at Lake Bogoria, Kenya. The photo is called ‘Surprise Smiles’ thanks to the animals sweet expressions  

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