So Here's the Deal on the Viral TikTok Teen Who Says She's Ted Bundy's Granddaughter

LOL, remember when you were in elementary school and some kids would brag about what their parents did? Well, this one girl on TikTok just took it way too far and bragged about her grandfather, who is allegedly none other than serial killer Ted Bundy. Yeah, that’s 2019 for you. Anyway, the internet is going absolutely wild because who on earth would admit to being related to Ted!? Here’s the lowdown on Ally Bragg, the TikTok heard round the world, and if she truly just blew her mom and grandma’s cover after all these years.

Over the weekend, Ally posted a now-deleted video that included a bunch of old family photos. In it, she said, “Hey, yo, famous relative check,” before showing pictures and Google searches of Ted. And to avoid any confusion, she even captioned one photo of Ted, his ex-wife Carole Ann Boone, and their daughter, Rose. In another, she showed a photo of two people who she claims to be her and Rose. Please, join me in facepalming.

BTW, Rose and Carole have been living on the DL, and Rose uses a fake name to avoid being associated with Ted. Fair. So, if (big if here!) Ally is telling the truth, she basically just blew everyone’s cover.

But after getting so much attention for the video and people comparing the personal info on Ally’s Facebook page to public records of Rose, Ally came out and said it was all a joke. In another video, she said, “The whole Ted Bundy video was a joke. I didn’t expect it to blow up at all… It would be nice if everybody would just stop with it because Ted Bundy’s not my grandfather, so thanks.”

And while talking to other TikTok users, Ally apparently made a thinly veiled attempt at gaining followers and said that if she gets 10K followers, she’ll explain why she did all this in the first place.

ok for everyone trying criticize my morals for posting this if it’s real here are some of her comments about the video

Oh, and someone allegedly from Ally’s school said this:

Predictably, the real Rose and Carole haven’t commented on this whole mess, and judging by the fact that they’ve been in hiding for so many years, don’t count on any statements. In the meantime, I guess we all must wait and see if Ally gets the 10K she needs in order to reveal her motives.

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