Striking similarities between Kate Middleton and actress portraying her in The Crown

Fans of Netflix’s smash show, The Crown, will recognise Meg Bellamy for portraying Kate Middleton – now known worldwide as The Princess of Wales and future Queen – during her St Andrew’s University days.

The 19 year old newcomer bagged the part after submitting a self-taped audition to the show’s producers after the role was advertised on social media.

Before this, Meg had only been cast in amateur productions, including her school’s stage play of Matilda.

But while viewers were struck by her striking resemblance to Kate (and rightly so), what other similarities do the two ladies share? From hailing from the same county to being top students, the two women are more alike than you’d think…

Kate grew up in Jordan and Berkshire

After living in Jordan for a few years due to her father’s job as a British Airways manager, Kate and her family moved to Berkshire and lived in Bucklebury Manor.

The Princesses' parents, Carole and Michael still reside in the Grade-II listed property now, complete with seven bedrooms, a drawing room and 18-acres of land.

Speaking on Giovanna’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast in 2020, she revealed that she “had a very happy childhood.”

Meg grew up in Wokingham, Berkshire

Coincidentally, Meg also grew up in the same county, in a town called Wokingham just 22 miles away from the Middleton’s.

Situated between Reading and Bracknell and 37 miles west of London, the market town has produced a couple of other famous faces, too.

The most notable mention is Nicholas Hoult, who landed his big break back in 2002 when he was cast alongside Hugh Grant and Toni Collette in the film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s 1998 novel About a Boy.

Since then, he’s been nominated for plenty of awards, including a BAFTA, two Golden globes and an Emmy award, and is a familiar face in Hollywood.

Perhaps Wokingham has something in the water and we’ll be seeing Meg mixing with the stars in the future?

Kate attended St Andrews Prep, Downe House and Marlborough College

It’s no secret that Kate had a pretty expensive education, famously attending the £16,950-a-year St Andrew's prep school in Pangbourne, Berkshire, from 1986 to 1995.

Following this, she was enrolled at the all-girls boarding school, (not as a boarder) Downe House for her secondary years.

However, she left the £28,000 a year school after just two terms, after revealing she was picked on by the other girls.

Kate was then moved to the mixed Marlborough College in Wilshire as a boarder, where she academically excelled. During her time there, she earned three A Levels – an A in maths, an A in art and a B in English.

What came next was her ascent to becoming a Princess, as she moved up to Scotland to study art history at the prestigious University of St Andrews. Aka the place she met Prince William.

Meg attended St Crispin’s comprehensive in Wokingham

Meg’s school years were a lot less expensive than Kate’s, and way more humble.

The 19 year old didn’t move from institution to institution – instead, she attended St Crispin's comprehensive secondary school in Wokingham, a mixed school which includes a Sixth Form.

St Crispin’s website describes the school as somewhere “that offers students of all abilities and interests the opportunity to be the best they can be.”

But like Kate, Meg also excelled academically and achieved an impressive A* in drama. She was also appointed Head Girl, and appeared on the school’s promotional video that’s still on the site today.

Speaking about her role as Head Girl, leader of the Welfare Committee, and her experience at the school, she says: “St Crispin's has given me all the skills that I need to be prepared and engaged in the world that I wish to enter.”

“My aspiration is to go into acting and auditioning for drama school would be my ideal first step towards this.”

Kate was a talented athlete and took part in school plays

The mum of three has always been open about her love for sport, and growing up, had a flair for hockey and swimming in particular.

She won the Under 12/13 200m in 31.24 seconds and set records in both the long jump and high jump of 4.14metres and 1.39 metres on sports day and was the captain of her school’s hockey team.

While it seems sport was more up her street, the 41 year old also tried her hand at acting. When she was 11, she played the part of Eliza Doolittle in her school’s production of My Fair Lady.

Meg was all about acting

This will obviously not come as a shock, considering the young actor literally left school and was cast in one of Netflix’s biggest shows.

During her time at St Crispin’s she notably starred as Miss Trunchbull in her school’s production of the much-loved Roald Dahl book, Matilda.

There are a few photos dotted about on the internet of Meg during the show – one being a close up of her donning the iconic look of the villain headteacher.

We’re talking a military-style uniform, huge leather belt, riding crop and hair scraped back into the tight bun Trunchbull is known for.

Apparently, Meg’s teacher Clare compared her qualities to that of Kate when speaking to the Sunday Mirror.

“Meg is similar and ridiculously humble,” she said.

“She was very popular – the type of student you had to encourage to come forward.”

“What's amazing is that she took the initiative to do a self tape for The Crown and it's become one of the stories you rarely hear of in the industry – a huge unknown plucked for a massive production. That reflects Meg,” she added.

As well as portraying royalty on the screen, the 19 year old has also come across royalty in real life. During her school years, she once performed for the late Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, the Duke of Kent in a production of the musical Hamilton.

Kate met her future partner at University

Kate and William met at uni and were just friends at the beginning. The future princess was dating another student at the time – Rupert Finch, and William was in a relationship with his former girlfriend, Carley Massy-Birch.

When both relationships ended, the two realised there was something between them other than friendship.

During a charity fashion show at St Andrews, Kate walked the runway in the now famous sheer dress, which made William realise that she was the girl for him.

Second year of uni saw the pair living together off-campus as a couple, with two other housemates.

Despite this period of romance, the pair briefly split in 2007, and it was reported that Kate was linked to shipping heir Henry Ropner during their time apart.

However, William opened up about the break up after the couple had announced their engagement.

“We were both very young, it was at university and we were both finding ourselves and being different characters and stuff,” he explained.

“It was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up.”

Fast-forward a number of years, and the couple have been happily married since 2011 and now share three children together, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four.

Meg’s boyfriend is an acrobat

Not quite a prince, but impressive nonetheless. Since catapulting into the spotlight, Meg has kept her personal life pretty private, but we do know a bit about her partner.

Connor Dutton, whose Instagram bio says he’s a filmmaker and an acrobat, uploaded a sweet post to congratulate his girlfriend when she landed the part.

“I'm thrilled to share with you that my gorgeously talented girlfriend will be playing Kate Middleton in Series 6 of Netflix's The Crown. I'm so proud of you baby,” he captioned a snap of Meg looking candid sipping on a coffee.

It’s clear that the couple are very much in love, as Meg replied to the post (in capitals): “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

Kate worked prior to joining the royal family

Before becoming a full-time working member of the royal family, Kate proved she had a strong work ethic through her numerous jobs.

Upon graduating, she landed a job as a deckhand in Southampton at the Ocean Village Marina.

She then bagged a job at high-end fashion store, Jigsaw as an accessories buyer at just 24.

It was reported that her parents were friends with the owners, and Kate had already worked for the brand before, from running errands to helping on shoots.

Young Kate left the brand in 2007 to work for her parent’s business ‘Party Pieces,’ a party decorations and supplies company.

Of course now, she’s a full time mum – and princess.

Meg worked at Legoland

Before being cast in The Crown, the 19 year old reportedly had a job as a character performer at Legoland.

It’s thought that her boyfriend, Connor, also worked there in his younger years. However, it’s not been confirmed.

Of course, Meg is only 19, so jobs-wise, her CV is pretty bare. But the fact that her first official acting job was on a hit Netflix show is incredibly impressive.

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