Sue Radford of UKs biggest family begins massive Christmas shopping for 22 kids

Christmas shopping is certainly no walk in the park.

Having to buy gifts for a couple of siblings and parents can be difficult, but imagine having to do it for 22 kids…

The Radford family have their plates full when it comes to these special occasions.

Now mum Sue has revealed she's begun shopping for the period, making sure each of her 22 kids has a grand day.

She's taking no chances with leaving things last minute and has started early to avoid panic in December.

Posting the start of her festive haul, Sue shared a screenshot of an order confirmation from Smyths Toys, writing: "So it begins."

It's no surprise the huge haul of gifts cost her a fortune too with the spending of the presents reaching over £5,000.

Even Christmas dinner has already been thought about too as the Radford family have a budget for that with it costing £300.

Meanwhile each child has around £100-£250 spent on them and to make sure there's no mix ups, Sue keeps a personalised sack.

It has previously been reported the mum can wrap around 20 presents every 15 minutes.

And Sue along with her husband can go through 70 rolls of wrapping paper each year to cater for their massive family.

Recently the mum showed off her massive £300 Primark shop with Disney PJs and jumpers.

She came back with piles of clothes for most of her kids as she spent a grand total of £296.50 on the trip.

The mum did buy one item of clothing for herself, a £10 jumper as she joked she should be banned from the store.

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Captioning a photo of her bumper basket, Sue wrote: "Every time I get dragged into Primark. I should be banned from this shop."

Among her purchases, Sue picked up some jumpers for her Heidie, one, and Bonnie, three, as well as her granddaughter Ophelia.

She also bought Disney pyjama sets at £12 each for Millie, 19, and 15-year-old Aimie.

Her most expensive purchase from Primark was a pair of light blue jeans for Aimie that cost her £17.

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