This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Never Want To Accept A Friend Request Again

Social media is a weird place where people often share intimate details of their lives with complete strangers. Most URL friends turn out to be harmless but what happens when one obsessive person decides to use a friend’s posts about their personal life to do something sinister? That’s exactly what Lifetime explores in their new movie, Recipe For Danger, which isn’t based on a true story, thankfully, but is a solid reminder to think twice before accepting a stranger’s friend request.

Per the network’s description, Vanessa adds a stranger named Taryn on social media. Taryn seems to nice, but she’s actually using Vanessa’s page to gather intel about her life, including details about her husband Mark, daughter Lacy, and the family’s general schedule. It’s revealed that Taryn is actually Vanessa’s estranged and completely crazy biological mom who concocts a plan to kidnap Lacy from her school. Now, Vanessa has to uncover the truth and find her daughter before it’s too late.

A lot of Lifetime movies sound super far-fetched, but this one seems like something that could completely happen in real life. There’s a chance that a distant relative (or just any weirdo) could add someone online who goes way overboard with sharing every detail about their lives. And, it wouldn’t be hard to snatch a kid from a school when you know the kid’s name, where they go to school, what they look like, and when they get out of school.

It’s not Vanessa’s fault that her mom is a psycho, but she also made a big mistake by putting a little too much out there about her family. This film may not be true, but it will make viewers want to scrub their friend’s lists and decline all those random requests right away.

There’s isn’t an official trailer out right now but it’s not hard to imagine how this film will go. Taryn and Vanessa will probably become URL buddies after Taryn comments or likes all of her posts. There will be shots of Taryn sitting in her dark house and creepily scrolling through all of Vanessa’s pictures and most visited locations as she concocts a plan to ruin her life. She will also show up in several places where Vanessa’s family is and hide in plain sight during the middle of the day while Vanessa continues to be oblivious.

It’s assumed that Vanessa was taken from her mom at an early age, so maybe Taryn wants to kidnap Lacy so she has another chance at being a mom and a grandma. Mark will probably warn Vanessa to stop putting all their business on the Internet, she will refuse to listen, and things will get worse when Vanessa discovers Lacy’s disappearance. The cops will be zero help (do they even exist in the Lifetime universe?) so Vanessa will track Taryn down and kill her to reclaim her daughter. There will be some extra details thrown in, but fans can count on these details happening in this movie because it is the law of Lifetime.

Recipe for Danger may not be a true tale, but it’s certainly going to leave anyone who uses social media a little shook over how one stalker follower can wreak havoc in someone’s life. Find out how Vanessa gets rid of her terrifying mom when this flick drops on June 9.

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