Tinder date asks woman to refund the drink he paid for

I told my Tinder date I didn’t want to see him again and he demanded an £8 refund for buying me a drink

  • In the resurfaced text exchange, the man sends his account number
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A man who was rejected by his Tinder date sought revenge by requesting a refund. 

In a jaw-dropping Reddit thread, which has recently resurfaced online, an appalled British woman recounted the events that lead to the 29-year-old demanding she give him back £8.30 for the price of her drink.

In a screenshot of a text exchange between the two, the unnamed woman explained that due to a lack of ‘chemistry’ with her date, who was from Cyprus, she wouldn’t be seeing him again.

It provoked a rant from the man who said it was ‘not a fun evening’ and to top it off, he fumed at paying £8.30 for a Long Island iced tea because it cost ‘too much’. He left his account details and asked her to ‘please’ reimburse him.

Many lashed out at the man calling him names like ‘cheap’ and a ‘scumbag’.

In resurfaced images posted to US forum Reddit, an appalled woman recounted the events that lead to her date demanding £8.30 for the price of her drink (Pictured: an image of the text message exchange between the acrimonious Tinder pair)

Trying to let her date down gently, the woman wrote: ‘I don’t think we have much chemistry so there won’t be another date.

‘But it was lovely meeting you and I wish you all the best!’

The disgruntled man was having none of it and replied: ‘I think so, already you are not my type, I think it was not a fun evening’.

He then lambasted her for drinking a ‘huge bottle’ at the first meeting – something the poster later denied.

He continued: ‘And I paid £8.30 for your drink. I thought you would want one of the ordinary drinks.

‘I paid £8.30 for your drink. This is too much. You drank a huge bottle at the first meeting and I paid for this. I didn’t have to pay for it.

‘Please pay this back. I am waiting [for] a refund [of] £8.30. Thank you.’

Perhaps still infuriated by the bitter exchange, the woman edited the post to add context to the situation.

Many users lashed out at the man calling him names like ‘cheap’ and a ‘scumbag’, while questioning how the woman ended up n a date with him on the first place

According to the poster, she had offered to pay for her drink, which was initially priced at £2.50, But he ‘politely’ declined and returned later with an entire pitcher. 

She explained: ‘Just to clarify this was a first date. I asked for a single Long Island iced tea which is £2.50, I offered to pay with my card but he said no need. 

‘He came back from the bar with a pitcher. I offered him some he went on about how he prefers wine. So I drank it. He went from saying he had fun to getting mad and asking for a refund in a span of a minute’.

Despite some commenters mocking the man for being too frugal, she insisted this wasn’t her reason for cancelling the budding romance.

‘He was nice on Tinder and WhatsApp, but with the language barrier we just did not mesh well.

‘He was quite serious while I’m laid back. I asked if he had a good time and he said “yes”. He asked me to watch movies with him some time, which is why I said there won’t be another date’.

Upon reflection, the woman seemed to grow conflicted over her actions.

She continued: ‘He was European. And it was only after texting for a few days I felt that it wasn’t going to progress any further. 

‘I probably could have worded it different but at the time I just wanted to be as polite as I could and let him know firmly that I was not interested in anything else. If that makes me heartless b***h so be it’.

One person claimed to discover the man’s ulterior motive, writing: ‘Yeah! He put money in and sex didn’t come out.’ 

So did another: ‘He was just trying to get you drunk so you’d put out. What a scumbag’.

A third person joined the bandwagon: ‘If he offered to pay he is being a total d**k asking for a “refund”. If he’s so concerned about his money he shouldn’t offer in the first place’.

Another said the date was ‘cheap’: ‘That’s a pretty cheap first date if all he paid for was one pitcher (that wasn’t even requested). Just ignore him, boy’s got some growing up to do’.

Meanwhile one person asked: ‘How did this guy charm you so much to get you out on a date in the first place?’ 

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