Watch Jennifer Aniston Put Out Literal Fires at The Emmy Awards

Kimmel started the fire to “sanitize” the award envelope.

Jennifer Aniston had some literal fires to put out while presenting at the 2020 Emmy Awards due to host Jimmy Kimmel taking some extreme coronavirus precautions.

As the two were about to read the winner’s name for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Jimmy thought it was a good idea to take extra precautions with sanitizing the envelope by spraying it with disinfectant.

“That’s a little extreme, Jimmy,” Jennifer said as Jimmy doused the envelope over and over.

“You never know where these accountants’ hands have been,” Jimmy joked. “Now it goes into the basket and we light it up.”

After he set the wastebasket on fire to “burn all the germs off,” Jennifer was in charge of putting it out with a handy fire extinguisher.

Jennifer’s first try worked… for a few seconds. The fire re-flared up and the “Friends” star tried again. One more attempt allowed Jimmy to pull the envelope from the basket. However, the fire roared back to life, even larger this time as a voice can be heard off stage yelling, “Put it out!”

With one last, sustaining effort, Jennifer won the battle with the Emmy dumpster fire and Jimmy was able to announce the winner — Catherine O’Hara for her amazing work in “Schitt’s Creek.”

Check out her heroic actions above!

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