We live in an idyllic seaside paradise that thrives in the summer – but it hides a dark secret & we struggle to survive | The Sun

RESIDENTS living in an idyllic seaside paradise that thrives in the summer say it hides a dark secret and they struggle to survive.

Business owners in Looe, Cornwall, have to deal with an influx of visitors every year when the sun comes out.

Thousands of tourists flock to the seaside town near Plymouth to take in the scenic views and shop around the trinket stores and food vendors.

But when the warm weather disappears and winter creeps in, locals who rely on holidaymakers to live, are suddenly left penniless.

Even a favourite for the Brits such as a Cornish pasty can't save the small town from harsh winters.

Restaurant owner Nigel Flanakin said he relies on the tourist months to keep him going the rest of the year.

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He told DevonLive: "Owning a business in Looe means that you have to make your money in the summer to carry you through the autumn and winter.

"We work seven days a week in the summer, and in winter we lose money."

Nigel also explained that the cost of living crisis has meant more families are struggling to afford staycations and masses of visitors aren't a thing anymore.

And the importance of seasonality on the coast has driven youngsters away to cities.

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Zach added: “There’s a real lack of opportunities for young people in the town.

"There are practically zero graduate jobs, and the jobs that are here are mostly seasonal."

It comes after some residents MOANED about tourists visiting their hometowns.

Homeowners in Bournemouth fear it's being ruined by tourists camping on the beach.

And people living further west along the coast in Cornwall complained about boozy youths ruining the peace in their seaside resort Polzeath.

Londoners have been blamed for making Kent seaside town Margate a "dirty mess" while tourists have also been condemned for their impact on Eastbourne in neighbouring East Sussex.

Further north, protests about not only tourists but also second home-buyers were made in Bamburgh on the Northumberland coast.

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