Wedding guest horrified by food served at luxury hotel reception

Is this the worst wedding catering EVER? Horrified guest documents each ‘luxury’ meal at the reception – including a TUNA pizza and plain Yorkshire puddings as a starter

  • An English couple’s ‘luxury’ wedding feast has been slammed on Facebook
  • The catering was provided by a four-star hotel but guests say it wasn’t up to par
  • The meals included pizza and chips and chicken served with zucchini and beans 

A couple has had their ‘luxury’ wedding catering slammed after a horrified guest took photographs of their meals and posted them online.   

The photos, taken at a wedding in Leeds, United Kingdom, reveal a spread that included an entree as well as two main meals, one consisting of a tuna-topped pizza and the other, chicken served with vegetables.

‘I don’t know if the chef of this 4 star “luxury” hotel was sick that day or on holiday – but something must have been going on,’ the anonymous guest captioned the images they shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group. 

‘I really appreciate the little herb on the side of the frozen Yorkshire puddings, really pushing it out there,’ the poster wrote alongside a snap of their starter. 

An English couple’s wedding meal has been slammed online after it was revealed one main on offer was a tuna topped pizza served with chips and a side of baked beans (pictured)

The wedding guest revealed that each of the main meals also came with an array of interesting side dishes.

The pizza meal was served with chips and a small bowl of baked beans, while the chicken dish came with carrot and yellow pepper along with a disc of stuffing and a sausage wrapped in bacon. 

The chicken dish also came with a slice of hollowed-out zucchini stuffed with green beans, a side which prompted the bemused guest to ask ‘Wft is this?’ 

Many who saw the post were left baffled as to how the spread was considered a professionally catered meal, with some saying how upset they would have been had this been their wedding fare.

‘I would be 100 per cent in the kitchen, throwing abuse at the entire kitchen staff if that was what was served at my wedding,’ said one.

‘I have also been predicted to be “Gordon Ramsay” in a wedding dress though.’

Another said: ‘The Yorkshire pudding starter and dry tuna thrown on the burnt pizza is just amazing. The disc of stuffing!’ 

The chicken meal came with carrot, yellow pepper, a disc of stuffing and a sausage wrapped in bacon and a slice of zucchini stuffed with green beans (pictured)

‘Chicken, black pudding, bacon wrapped cocktail sausage, one carrot, one pepper, weird courgette stuffed with green beans,’ said a third.

‘Cannot identify the rest. That’s some plate of randomness.’

Although many seemed horrified by what the guest had been served, one person raised the possibility the catering might have been for the children attending the event.

‘Is this the kids’ meal?’ one person wrote before adding: ‘It clearly looks like a kids table and kids are often picky so plain comfort foods and odd mixes are often requested.

‘My son used to always get plain tomato pizza (upside down, took 8 years to get him to flip it the right way up), Yorkies and baked beans if given a choice.’ 

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