What to Wear to a Barre Class 2019 | The Sun UK

IF you're confused about what to wear to a barre class – you're not alone. It's not your typical workout and so you can't wear your normal gym gear.

The classes are a mixture of ballet moves with parts of Pilates, yoga, dance and strength training, focusing on sculpting your muscles without the delicacy of being a ballerina.

However, the focus in these exercises are the isometric movements. You'll have to perform smaller movements before holding your body still to contract certain muscles. This is where you'll feel the burn.

But alongside the smaller movements, the classes typically end with a yoga-inspired cool-down. The mishmash of inspirations does mean it's a bit difficult to know what to wear.

Shorts? Leggings? Tank tops? A little or a lot? It's easy to make a mistake if you're a newbie to the barre game.

To help you reach your stretchy dream, we've created a guide on what to wear to a barre class, so the only thing you'll need to worry about is how sore your glutes are.

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