What's the secret to a pert bottom when you hit 55?!

Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about: What’s the secret to a pert bottom when you hit 55?!

  • An anonymous reader asked for advice on non-surgical treatments for their bum
  • Inge van Lotringen says the EMSculpt Neo machine has worked wonders for her
  • Beauty expert reveals the course at London’s Cosmetic Skin Clinic costs £3,000

Q I’m 55 and, despite regular exercise, my bum isn’t as pert as it once was. Can any non-surgical treatments help?

A To my own surprise, there’s a treatment that worked wonders on me! EMSculpt Neo is a new machine that emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (souped-up electrical currents) to contract your glutes 20,000 times in 30 minutes — equivalent to 20,000 squats!

Meanwhile, precisely calibrated radiofrequency heat helps metabolise (that is, process and use up) fat deposits and firm skin in the area, making it look smoother and tighter.

An anonymous reader asked Inge Van Lotringen for advice on the best non-surgical treatments to make their bottom pert (file image) 

I’ve tried dozens of disappointing bum and thigh treatments, but this has visibly lifted and rounded my bottom. Over four half-hour sessions, a week apart, you just lie there with a paddle strapped to your bum — the contractions are seriously uncomfortable but not painful.

The price is, though: it’s £3,000 for the course at London’s Cosmetic Skin Clinic (cosmetic skinclinic.com), who are EMSculpt specialists. Effects last six to 12 months, but much longer with exercise, so get squatting! For clinics nationwide, search btlaesthetics.com.

In terms of products, none will tighten or slim your bum (that’s impossible) but a good formula can improve your skin tone. I like Dr Sam’s Flawless Body Therapy, (£29, drsambunting.com) for its big dose of plumping ingredients like bakuchiol, normally found in facial skincare.

Inge van Lotringen (pictured) advised the reader to try the EMSculpt Neo machine, which costs £3,000 for a course at London’s Cosmetic Skin Clinic

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