Where Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms Stand Now After Teen Mom Finale Fallout (Exclusive)

Let’s just say Leah thinks it’s a “good thing” they aren’t all having an in-person reunion this year.

When viewers last saw Leah Messer during the most recent “Teen Mom 2” reunion, she found herself thrown between two of her exes — Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert — after Calvert used his screen time to rail against Simms.

It’s right after this moment that the new season picks up for Jeremy and Leah, who isn’t too thrilled to be put in the middle of their argument. Speaking with TooFab ahead of the Season 10 premiere, Leah looked back at that heated moment and explained where all three of them stand now.

Quick refresher: At the time, Calvert was asked by Dr. Drew if he and Corey got along, to which he replied “No.” When probed for more, he added, “We get along but I just don’t agree with a lot of shit.”

Jeremy was angry Leah was the only one who attended doctors appointments with Corey’s daughter Ali, who has Titin’s muscular dystrophy. “I don’t give a f–k if its a two minute appointment, at least show your presence for your child,” he said, adding that Simms has no excuse. “Corey has a f–king great schedule, he works at home and he can take off whenever the f–k he wants to.”

Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert Reveal Drama with Corey Simms on Teen Mom 2 Reunion

“Although it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, why is this happening, we don’t need this drama,’ at the same time, it also opened up a line of communication that I have never had with Corey,” explained Messer. “Even as far as past stuff and everything, so even though it was a little bit of drama at first, it all led us to a much better place and a much better place communicating more effectively.”

“And as far as Jeremy and Corey go, they never talk. They don’t even talk and we won’t be having [an in-person] reunion this year, so that’s a good thing in my opinion,” she added. “We don’t need a reunion, we’ll do it virtually, because Corey was posting on his Twitter, like, ‘I’m gonna be at this next reunion,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh please don’t.'”

At the time the reunion aired, Simms tweeted: “The girls never once came to me about any issues of such. And for Mr. Dad of the year to run his mouth about not going to doctors appointments.. how many have you been to there big guy??”

He also criticized MTV, claiming they wouldn’t allow him to Skype in.

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The incident did lead to stronger communication between Leah and Ali, who — now 10 years old — was finally able to give her opinion on whether she actually wanted her dad to join them on their doctor visits.

“Her opinion is the only opinion that matters when it comes down to who she wants at her appointments and who she feels more comfortable at her appointments,” said Leah. “Definitely communication has been better with her being able to communicate that and also to learn that she’s not going to hurt either parents’ feelings by saying something.”

“Our feelings don’t matter when it comes down to your health and your well-being,” she added. “I’m definitely grateful that it opened that line of communication up not just for me and her father but for her and her father.”

Season 10 of “Teen Mom 2” premieres September 1 on MTV.

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