Where Rupert Everett Stands With Madonna After He Called Her 'Whiny Old Barmaid'

The actor used the description for the Material Girl in his 2006 autobiography.

Rupert Everett cleared the air about his relationship with one-time BFF Madonna.

During a virtual visit to the “Lorraine” show on Friday, the English actor, 61, revealed where he and the Material Girl, 62, stand after he compared her to a “whiny old barmaid” in his 2006 autobiography “Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins.”

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“I don’t think though that you ever made up with Madonna,” began the host Lorraine Kelly. “Because I remember in your book you called her a whiny old barmaid, which I thought was quite an interesting description.”

“That was an experience working with her, wasn’t it?” she continued. “You get taken into the bubble of Madonna, but then when you’re out, you’re out.”

Rupert replied, “Well, no, we are friends. I’m a great admirer of her as a person. I think she as well is an amazing woman. And where tenacity has taken her is unbelievable.”

“And so I have great respect for her,” he added.

Rupert and Madonna had gotten along famously up to the time they starred together in the 2000 box office bomb “The Next Best Thing,” where they played best buddies who decide to have a child together, which leads to a custody battle.

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In October, he appeared to reference the movie’s failure as part of the reason they may have drifted part.

“We don’t see each other anymore. I do miss it,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “She’s an amazing person and that part of my life was incredibly exciting. To be doing a film with her and to be a friend of hers and to have been such a fan of hers.”

“But the fallout from the movie’s failure was gigantic for me, like an outer-space explosion.”

However, his details of the “Like a Virgin” superstar in his book also caused a rift, according to the actor.

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“She really didn’t like [the book],” Rupert confessed to Express in 2009. “I think it is very affectionate, and certainly with her I was very careful to only write things that were. But she felt it was an infringement of privacy.”

“Goddesses like that are obsessed with their public image and want to control everything about it, so if anyone is to tell anyone anything about her it’s got to be her.”

“Elephants don’t forget,” he added at the time. “She doesn’t trust me any more.”

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